A Selection of New Jersey Governors' Executive Orders of Government-Wide Significance, Evidently Still in Force

compiled by Paul Axel-Lute
last revised April 11, 2011

NOTE: This listing also appears as an appendix to Chapter 8 of the New Jersey Legal Research Handbook (5th ed. 2008, 6th ed. forthcoming 2012), published by the New Jersey Institute for Continuing Legal Education, and is reprinted here by permission of the New Jersey State Bar Association.

Hughes EO#9, L.1963 p.1153, as amended by:

(exclusions from the Public Records Act; see compilation of operative clauses)

Hughes EO#21, L.1965 p.1125 (Governor's Code of Fair Practices) -- cited in N.J.A.C. 5:1-2.1

Hughes EO#31, L.1966 p.1616 (forbidding advertisements in State pay envelopes or official communications)

Byrne EO#34, L.1976 p.657, as supplemented by Kean EO#189, L.1988 p.1114 (policies on debarment, suspension and disqualification of suppliers) -- Byrne EO#34 cited as authority in N.J.A.C. § 10:49-11.1(a), Kean EO#189 cited in N.J.A.C. § 10:3-3.3(e)11,

Byrne EO#61, L.1977 p.1664 (regarding statewide equal employment opportunity and affirmative program) -- cited in N.J.A.C. 10:37D-2.17.

Kean EO#71, L.1984 p.1317 (directing State agencies to obtain waterfront development or wetlands permits)

Kean EO#147, L.1986 p.1058 (requiring state authorities to seek Treasurer's approval for financing projects) (continued by Kean EO#185; continued and extended in scope by Corzine EO#167)

Kean EO#185, L.1988 p.1105 (implementing New Jersey Private Activity Bond Volume Cap Allocation Act) (continued by Corzine EO#167)

Kean EO#204, L.1989 p.1731 ("Policy for a Drug-Free Workplace" in State Government)

Kean EO#215, L.1989 p.1749 (requiring State agencies to prepare environmental assessment statements)

Kean EO#219, L.1989 p.1763 (requiring State entities to take steps to reduce emissions of climate-affecting gases)

Florio EO#6 (1990), 22 NJR 1013 (defining authority of the Attorney General and limiting functions of attorneys employed by State entities)-- cited in N.J.A.C. 7:1- 1.2(d)(1)

Florio EO#33 (1991), 23 NJR 1983 (management, control, and supervision of State-owned vehicles)

Florio EO#34 (1991), 23 NJR 2081 (mandating reduction & recycling of solid wastes by state agencies)

Florio EO#39 (1991), 23 NJR 2809 (prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation in State government)

Florio EO#60 (1992), 24 NJR 2105 (use of rail passes by Executive Branch officers and employees)

Florio EO#78 (1993), 25 NJR 391 (prohibiting State agency leases involving members of the Legislature or their family members)

Florio EO#84 (1993), 25 NJR 1312 (set-aside policy for public procurement and construction contracts) -- cited in N.J.A.C.§§ 12A:10-1.1(a), 12A:10A-1.1(a), 17:13-1.1, 17:14-1.1, and McGreevey EO#1

Florio EO#91, L.1993 p.2101, 25 NJR 2153 (mandating procurement of recycled products by State agencies)

Whitman E.O. No.27, L.1994 p.1457, 26 NJR 4723 (federal standards statement in rulemaking)

Whitman E.O. No.32, L.1995 p.2522, 27 NJR 1505 (each department to assume functions previously performed by Vacancy Review Board)

Whitman E.O. No.49, L.1996 p.1143 (policy against harassment, intimidation, violence or threats of violence by or against employees)

Whitman E.O. No 68, L.1997 p.2318, 29 NJR 2199 (Office of Sustainability; requires state agencies to embrace sustainability as an operating principle)

Whitman E.O. No.94, L.1999 p.2200, 31 NJR 1229 (requirements for State acquisition of Advanced Technology Vehicles and Alternate Fuel Vehicles)

Whitman E.O. No.96, L.1999 p.2205, 31 NJR 1549 (all agencies to pursue policies which comport with eleven sustainability goals in New Jersey Future's Living With the Future in Mind) -- cited in N.J.A.C. 9A:12- 1.5.

Whitman E.O. No.106, L.1999 p.2222, 32 NJR 139 (adopting New Jersey State Policy Prohibiting Discrimination, Harassment or Hostile Environments in the Workplace and Model Procedures for Internal Complaints Alleging Discrimination, Harassment or Hostile Environments in the Workplace; Dep't of Personnel website has the Policy and Model Procedures as revised Jan.7,2002.)

McGreevey EO#1 (2002), 34 NJR 811 (project labor agreements in public construction projects)

McGreevey EO#71 (2003), 35 NJR 4937 (set-asides for small businesses in public contracting)

McGreevey EO# 122 (2004), 36 NJR 3613, as modified by McGreevey EO# 132, 36 NJR 4561 (financial audits of public authorities, agencies, and commissions)

McGreevey EO#129 (2004), 36 NJR 4350 (disclosure and restriction of off-shore performance of state contracts)

McGreevey EO#134 (2004), 36 NJR 4562 ("pay-to-play" ban; prohibits political contributions or solicitation of contributions in connection with award of government contracts over $17,500 in value)

McGreevey EO#136 (2004), 36 NJR 4564 (Bill of Rights and Responsibilities to support the independence, dignity and choice of citizens as they age)

Codey EO#9 (2004), 37 NJR 4 (state agencies to arrange bond underwriting services directly with principals of underwriting firms or their registered lobbyists)

Codey EO#41 (2005), 37 NJR 2591 (Extends applicability of McGreevey EOs #10, #122, and #134 to all authorities, boards, and agencies organized “in but not of” government departments, and to independent authorities)

Codey EO#50 (2005), 37 NJR 3096 (establishes National Incident Management System as standard for incident management by all state agencies)

Codey EO#67 (2005), 37 NJR 4598 (state agencies and local governments to make good faith effort to purchase three percent of goods and services from Central Non-Profit Agency established to assist productive employment of special needs individuals)

Corzine EO#36 (2006), 38 NJR 4525, as modified by Christie EO#32 (2010) (Judicial Advisory Panel)

Corzine EO#54 (2007), 39 NJR 817 (greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets)

Corzine EO#114 (2008), 40 NJR 5312 (implementation of Highlands Act)

Corzine EO#117 (2008), 40 NJR 6251 (closing loopholes in "pay-to-play" ban)

Corzine EO#118 (2008), 40 NJR 6252 ("pay-to-play" ban for state redevelopment projects)

Corzine EO#131 (2009), 41 NJR 1125 (public involvement in agency decisions affecting environmental quality or public health)

Corzine EO#167 (2010), 42 NJR 573 (allocation of volume cap on tax-exempt private activity bonds)

Christie EO#2 (2010), 42 NJR 577 ("Common Sense Principles" for regulatory activity by state agencies)

Christie EO#4 (2010), 42 NJR 579 ("Common Sense Principles" for state mandates on local governments)

[Note: Christie EO#7 (2010), 42 NJR 580 (extension of "pay-to-play" ban to labor unions), was vacated as exceeding executive power, in Communications Workers of America v. Christie, 413 N.J. Super. 299 (App.Div. 2010) ]

Christie EO#15 (2010), 42 NJR 689 (restrictions on expenditures by State Authorities)

Christie EO#24 (2010) , 42 NJR 979 (financial disclosure by public officers; blind trusts; interests in closely-held corporations; Code of Conduct for the Governor)

Christie EO#44 (2010), 42 NJR 2659 (Office of Employee Relations)