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Central America
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Geochemistry: RU_CAGeochem Refer to:
Refer to: Carr et al., 2003
2nd Front:
Refer to: Carr et al., 2003

Publications Files above and papers below are based upon work supported in part by the National Science Foundation.

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Field Trip Guides

Carr [2001]
     Nicaragua Field Trip Guide for trip that followed July 2001 Margins meeting in Costa Rica
Carr et al. [2007] 
     Costa Rican Volcanoes Field Trip Guide for trip that followed June 2007 Margins meeting in Costa Rica

Images and descriptions of Central American Volcanoes
Virtual Field Trip to Central America provides images and descriptions of Central American volcanoes
Nicaragua flyover SRTM data animated via 3DEM by Stephen Carr 133 meg avi file of Marabios range

Central American minutia
calculate "distance" and "back" Distance along the volcanic front from 14,-93 bearing 120░.