Pictures of Helen Frey

This first picture must have been taken when Helen was in school, around age 17.

The second picture shows Helen in the army. She is at the Montrose Children's Home in Brisbane Australia -- Helen is at the left. It was around this time that she learned about the Sister Kenney treatments for polio, which she later used on her brother Alvah Buxton.

The next picture is Helen in her green Ford 1939 Roadster with a rumble seat.

This picture is from Helen's wedding to Philip H. Frey, on June 1, 1946.

Here is the whole family on June 28, 1996. Helen looks happy to be with her family.

This is her "graduation" photo. Vermont Academy changed from co-ed to a boys only school before Helen had the chance to graduate in 1933. They felt sorry for the women who had studied there, so they gave three of them degrees in 2001. Alice Packard is on the left, Helen Buxton Frey in the middle, and Blanche Sheehan on the right.