Keithleys listed on 1880 Soundex
Washington, DC

Collected by Pat Tanner

Comments added by Frank Deis

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Subject: 1880 Census Index, Washington, DC
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Hi Pat and All,

I enjoyed seeing the names on the 1880 Soundex of DC that Pat Tanner thoughtfully sent along to us. I thought I would add comments according to my data file. I should warn that it's been a long time since I combed through this data, and there are various 3 ring binders in the attic that I did not consult -- I just consulted my handy computer files and I no longer understand all the comments there. I also think at one time I knew more about these people than was in my computer.

The basic story on DC Keithleys is this -- Thomas Keithley 1783-1855 was a ship carpenter from Maryland's Eastern Shore. He married Mary Burney 1790-1865? and moved to DC where he worked in the Navy yard and had a fairly large family. His son Samuel Keithley Jul 1822-Sep 9 1883 and wife Martha 1822-1895? ("Sam and Martha") were responsible for several of the families on this listing. So I'll use "Tom and Mary" or "Sam and Martha" to describe these people below.

I am putting my comments in boldface -- everything else is from Pat Tanner and the 1880 Soundex. My complete DC Keithley file is also available online. Keithbur.html is a file showing the Keithleys and kin buried in the Congressional Cemetery . Or you can go back to Frank Deis's home page

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1880 Census Index, Washington, DC
Only families with children 10 and under were indexed

Keithley (K340)

Andrew Jarret Keithley was a son of Sam and Martha

Keithley, Andrew
Volume 11, ED 85, Sheet 39, Line 10
White, male, age 30, born in DC
910 Third SE
Keithley, Octavia; wife; age 22; born in DC
Keithley, Edward M.; son; age 6/12; born in DC
Loncaster?, Elizabeth; Se; age 10; born in DC

George J. Keithley was another son of Sam and Martha

Keithley, George
Volume 10, ED 80, Sheet 32, Line 26
White, male, age 32, born in DC
409 E Street SE
Keithley, Annie; wife; age 30; born in DC
Keithley, Lillie; daughter; age 10; born in DC
Keithley, Ida; daughter; age 9; born in DC

John C. Keithley -- parents unknown to me

Keithley, John
Volume 11, ED 90, Sheet 13, Line (26/37?)
White, male, age 28, born in DC
1103 11th Street SE
Keithley, Charlotte; wife; age 27; born in DC
Keithley, Ernest C.; son; age 6; born in DC
Keithley, John E.; son; age 4; born in DC
Keithley, Frederick A.; son; age 2; born in DC

John T Keithley (I think T = Thomas) was the eldest son of Sam and Martha. He's on the 1870 DC Census p. 149 174-182. His wife Amelia is shown in 1870 but not in 1880.

Keithley, John T.
Volume 10, ED 81, Sheet 20, Line 1
White, male, age 34, born in DC
625 South Carolina Ave. SE
Keithley, Samuel; son; age 14; born in DC
Keithley, Bertie; daughter; age 8; born in DC

Maranda Beaver (I had "Beard") Keithley is a mystery -- I have a notation saying "possible widow of Thomas W. or William." I can't reconstruct -which- of the Thomas or William Keithleys in my files would be the missing spouse. She's from Virginia which opens the door to other possibilities outside the Thomas/Mary family. A possible Thomas would be the son of Thomas and Mary, shown living alone on the 1850 and 1860 censuses (#241 in my file).

Keithley, Maranda
Volume 11, ED 88, Sheet 2, Line 40
White, female, age 38, born in Virginia
1410 1/2 Street
Keithley, Annie; daughter; age 8; born in DC
Keithley, John; son; age 5; born in DC
Keithley, Mable; daughter; age 1; born in DC
Beavers, (Chas.?); son; age 18; born in DC
Beavers, Margaret; daughter; age 16; born in DC

Mary appears to be the widow of Richard Keithley, 1829-1875? Richard is a son of Thomas and Mary and a brother to Sam who mar. Martha, and hence an uncle of many of the other people listed here. Richard is listed in 1850 as a "boilermaker" at home with Thomas p. 61. In 1860 he is a "mechanic" p. 508.

Keithley, Mary ==> my great great grandmother
Volume 10, ED 81, Sheet 42, Line 26
White, female, age 38, born in Maryland
630 (M/N?) Street se
Keithley, John N.; son; age 17; born in DC
Keithley, Emma E.; daughter, age 14; born in DC ==> my great grandmother
Keithley, Sarrah; daughter; age 5; born in DC

Pat Tanner