Marie H. Deis


My Mom loved music all her life. When she was a young girl, her family would have music sessions and everyone was encouraged to play. She started playing the accordian when her older brother Tom surprised her by buying her one as a gift. Well before she ever learned to read music, she could pick up very complicated arrangements of pieces like "Lady of Spain" or the "Beer Barrel Polka" and play them perfectly by ear. She had several accordians and sought out opportunities to play them for gatherings.

Mom also loved her family. Among other occasions, we'd all try to get together at her house for Thanksgiving. Here she is in November 99 with one of her grandsons, Lowell Charles.

I have several other pictures of her and the rest of our family at our last Thanksgiving with Mom in another web page. One thing we enjoyed doing together was having Sunday Brunch at the Fort Monroe Officer's Club -- this was taken in September 2000.

Earlier in 1999 Mom had come up to visit us for our son Tom's graduation. Mom was very proud of Tom, and of all of us. This picture shows Tom with both grandmas, Helen, Louise's mother, is standing.

Until a few years ago, Mom lived in the house our father Bert had designed and constructed at 92 LaSalle Avenue. Here is a picture of Mom with her grandchildren on the sofa in the living room at 92.

And here we are on the front steps of 92. Mom and I are joined by my sister Elizabeth J. Deis, her husband Lowell Frye, and their two children Lowell Charles and Alice. This would have been about 1996.

When Dad was alive, he and Mom adopted a Robin and raised it from a chick. Here is Mom's story of Robin "Hood".

Here is a poem I wrote about my last visit with my mother.

Finally, here is the obituary my sister wrote, and a music prayer that Mom wrote.