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Mosquito-borne Diseases:

Dengue, Dog Heartworm, EEE, Malaria, SLE, WNV

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 Anopheles gambiae mosquito, a malarial vector (photo by James Gathany).

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Why Mosquitoes Cannot Transmit HIV

Dengue Fever Links

Dog Heartworm

Eastern Equine Encephalitis

Malaria - 1992 NJMCA Symposium

Malaria Links

St. Louis Encephalitis Links

West Nile Fever  - Species List - Identifying Crows and Hawks

New Jersey:
Links to National and State Surveillance reports (not all sites are updated.) 
From the Centers for Disease Control (CDC):
General Arboviral Information and Encephalitis West Nile Fever From the US Geological Survey: From the US Department of Agriculture: How to Use Repellents Safely: