Higher Functional Categories

José Camacho

Seminar in Syntax (Ling 515)
W 9:50-12:50, Spring 2002

Office hours:                                                             
M, W 2:00-3:00 and by appointment
Carpender Hall 303
phone: 932-9412 x32


Course content

Session Date Topic Reading
1 1/23 Intro: Functional vs. lexical categories, how do syntax and semantics interact?
2 1/30 Functional categories. How many? how are they determined? Ouhalla (1991:1-104), Cinque (1999: 52-76, 3-43)
3 2/6 Focus Zagona (2002: 379-401), Zubizarreta (1998: 1-37)
4 2/13 Focus and movement in Romance Zubizarreta (1998: 99-150)
5 2/20 Focus and Wh Cole (1994), Aoun and Li (1993)
6 2/27 The left-periphery, CLLD Rizzi (1997), Zagona (2002: 320-378)
7 3/6 Mood/modality and evidentiality Evidentials in Quechua Palmer (2001: 1-23, 35-52), Willet (1988: 51-79), Faller (2000, 2001)
8 3/13 Parentheticals in English and Spanish  Rooryck (2001a, b), Reinhart (1983)
9 3/27 To be rescheduled
10 4/3 Evidentiality in Spanish
Camacho (1999b),
11 4/10 Switch-reference Stirling (1993), Munro and Haiman (1983: ix-xv), Rising (1992) 1-14
12 4/17 To be rescheduled
Gordon (1983), Munro (?), Black (1992)
13 4/24 Switch-reference and coordination, Capanahua Camacho (2000), Camacho and Elías (2001)
14 5/1 Coordination Camacho (1999a, 2000)


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