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Child_Lit was created in late September, 1993 at Rutgers University. Originally housed in an IBM mainframe, and run off Eric Thomas' Listserv software, in November, 1995, Child_Lit moved onto a UNIX machine and ran off Brent Chapman's Majordomo. In December, 1997, Child_Lit was once again reconstituted as a Listserv using Thomas' Listserv for Unix, and, shortly thereafter, a Web archive was created that would eventually include earlier as well as subsequent posts. The Web archive, partly supported by the School of Communication, Information and Library Studies, was updated on a monthly basis. In August, 1999, the Rutgers University Computer Center, using Listserv software unavailable earlier, create a Web archive that could be kept current from day to day and required no intervention. Thus, in a sense, child_lit assumed two forms, as an unmoderated mail distribution list and as a Web-based newsgroup (with the sole restriction being that only subscribers to child_lit could gain access to the archives or newsgroup feature). For several years child_lit posts resided on several servers, joined by hyperlinks, but eventually the older posts were removed from the Web. Listserv archived posts from August, 1999 until April, 2006, when the New Brunswick/Piscataway Computing Services (formerly RUCCS) began to serve child_lit via a new application, Mailman (version 2.1.5). Michael Joseph has been Child_Lit's owner since he founded the list, although, from time to time, guest owners have rendered timely assistance.


The child_lit archives now resides at https://email.rutgers.edu/mailman/private/child_lit/. To access the archives, one must be a member of child_lit. For functionalities available as web commands, see below.

For un/subscribing or for altering one's subscription, see

To send mail to Child_Lit, send to child_lit@mailman.rutgers.edu

To REPLY to a message, you must still type the Child_Lit address atthe address line. The reply mechanism will send your response only to the subscriber posting the original message.



Please do not post copyrighted material. It is illegal to type something in from a newspaper verbatim, or repost something sent out by Clarinet. Violating copyright can put you and the list owner at legal risk, should the copyright holder decide to fight. You may post a pointer (URL, gopher address, etc.) to the work, summarize the work's ideas, or use quotations from the work within the boundaries of fair use. Posting entire articles is not permitted, and failure to abide by this restriction can lead to cancellation of your subscription.

Copyright for individual posts is the exclusive property of the poster.Those wishing to repost child_lit correspondence must seek permission from the author.


Some informative discussions of copyright and email

Copyright in Email. http://www.press.umich.edu/jep/05-01/field.html

Rutgers University Copyright Policy. http://policies.rutgers.edu/sites/policies/files/50.3.7-current.pdf

Rutgers University Acceptable Use Policy. http://policies.rutgers.edu/sites/policies/files/70.1.1%20-%20current.pdf

Library of Congress. United States Copyright Office. http://www.loc.gov/copyright/

Brad Templeton. 10 Myths About Copyright Explained. http://www.templetons.com/brad/copymyths.html


Subscribers wishing to use Child_lit discussion for publication should consult the following sources for correct citation forms.

Library of CongressCiting Electronic Resources. http://www.loc.gov/teachers/usingprimarysources/citing.html

MLA Citing Electronic Resources. https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/08/


International Center for Academic Integriy http://www.academicintegrity.org/icai/home.php

Stanford University Libraries. Copyright and Fair Use.(articles). http://fairuse.stanford.edu/articles/index.html


To send mail to Child_Lit, send to child_lit@email.rutgers.edu

To REPLY to a message, you must still type the Child_Lit address at the address line. The reply mechanism will send your response only to the subscriber posting the original message.

Julius Lester's Speech at the University of Massachusetts Perspectives in Children's Literature Conference

Children's Literature Association : links to internet resources for the study and teaching of children's literature


Child_lit correspondence dating back to August 1999 is archived and available via the World Wide Web. In September, 2000, correspondence dating back to October, 1996 was removed and stored offline. Any scholar or researcher wishing to consult the older archives is encouraged to contact Michael Joseph, who makes no claim about the completeness or usefulness of the organization of this material.

To search archives after August 18, 1999, and most recent postings as Web messages, and to manage one's account through a Web interface: https://email.rutgers.edu/mailman/private/child_lit/.

For more information, write to Michael Joseph at mjoseph@rci.rutgers.edu
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