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Course Instructors: 407- 511
Dr. Konstantin Severinov 732-445-6095
Dr. Frank Deis 732-445-2814
Dr. Robert A. Niederman 732-445-3985

Course Instructors: 408 -512
Dr. Abram Gabriel 732-235-5097
Dr. Andrew Vershon 732-445-2905
Dr. Sam Gunderson 732-445-1016

Molecular Biology & Biochemistry
694:407/8 and 115:511/12

Fall: (407/511) Lehninger's Principles of Biochemistry, 5th ed.
Spring: (408/512) Watson's Molecular Bio. of the Gene, 5th ed.


Course Materials

Spring 2012

Fall 2012

408/512 Course has its own page
Severinov 408
NOTE MBB LAB 694:315 not just for majors Contact Dr. Mead for SPN

Syllabus, post-Sandy
Deis Handouts Part I

Severinov Lectures
Niederman Lectures

Deis Handouts Part II
Final Exam Rules at bottom of page




Vershon Exams 01-06

Sev & Deis -- 1st Exam '03
1st Exam '03 answers
Sev & Deis 1st Exam '06
Sev & Deis 1st Exam '07
even better 1st Exam '07 answers

Deis -- 2nd Exam '02
2nd Exam '02 Answers
2nd Exam '03
2nd Exam '03 Answers
Deis -- 2nd Exam '06
2nd Exam '06 Answers
Niederman Deis 3rd Fall '06
Niederman Spring '06
Niederman Final Exam Fall '06
Deis & Niederman Final Fall '06
D&N Final Fall 06 Answers
D&N Final Fall 07 Test, Answers



MBB 3rd Test with letter grades.

What is Molecular Biology?