Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE:   January 28, 2000

TIME AND PLACE:   1:10 p.m., Multipurpose Room, Rutgers Student Center, 126 College Avenue, College Avenue Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT:   J. Adamcik, Adelson, Axelrod, Balikov, Barone, Bell, Benovitz, Bhoj, Blair, Borisovets, Boucher, Boylan, Bronzan, Charaipotra, Chiaverini, Clinton, J. Cohen, Colaizzi, Crozier, Davidson, Dembowitz, R. Dennis, E. Diamond, Diner, Edini, Elias, Emanetoglu, Engel, Fechter, Feighn, Flanagan, Forman, Friedrich, Gaunt, Goldmark, Golhar, Griffith, Gross, Hamm, Harris, Hartman, Haska, Hirsh, Hyndman, M. Jackson, James, Joseph, Kelly, Kennedy, Kirschner, Knee, Krueckeberg, Kuehn, Lawrence, Leath, Leontiades, Lorenzo, Manganaro, Markowitz, Matsuda, McCloughan, McKay, Medina, Miller, Naus, Parker, Petronko, Pifer, Pomper, Portella, Prusakowski, Puniello, Rabinowitz, Rothberg, Ruggiero, Samuels, Scheinbeim, Scott, Seneca, Sermarini, Shailor, Singer, Smouse, Somville, Spencer, Szatrowski, Tallau, Tomie, Tripolitis, Tuckman, Vershon, Vodak, Wadia, A. Watts, Wilkinson

EXCUSED:   Aisenbrey, Alm, Augustin, Blasi, Burton, Carlton, Crew, Evans, Janes, Jesse, Koehler, Lang, Lucas, Mack, Manhoff, Marsh, Oren, Sands, Solomon, St. John, Strom, Van Til, Walker-Andrews, Winterbauer

ABSENT:   G. Adamcik, Advis, Baptiste, Beck, Boulding, Bruner, Bushnell, Caprio, Carlson, Cheung, R. Cohen, E. Dennis, Deutsch, M. Diamond, Dickson, Felson, Foley, Gang, Gary, Gilchrist, Goodman, Haidet, Hall, Hinch, Hughes, T. Jackson, Jones, Jussim, Kazam, Keating, Klein, Lehman, Li, Maradonna, Marlys, Massachaele, Matusz, McCabe, Morrison, Narvaez, Padgett, Patel, Perney, Phillips, Pina, Prakash, Regulska, Roth, Schaper, Simmons, Snyder, Sumner, Turock, Vasconcelos, Walsh, T. Watts, Webb, Young, Znayenko


PRESIDING OFFICER:   Kathleen Scott, Chairperson

CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT:  Chairperson Scott called the meeting to order and declared there was a quorum. After welcoming everyone back to campus following the winter recess, she urged all Senators to participate fully in Senate activities, noting that the Senate works only as well as its members. She reminded the Senate that, if weather or other emergency causes closure of the university or a campus on which a Senate and/or Senate standing committee meeting is scheduled, any Senate meetings scheduled on that campus for that day will be cancelled.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Agenda: The day’s agenda was approved as distributed by the Secretary. Minutes: the Minutes of November 19, 1999 were approved as distributed by the Secretary.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT:   President Lawrence welcomed everyone back following the winter recess. He extended sympathy to all those affected by the recent dormitory fire at Seton Hall University, noting that it is important to learn from such tragedies. He spoke about fire safety at Rutgers, and summarized a fact sheet on that subject which had been distributed to the Senate.

President Lawrence thanked all those who contributed to efforts to prevent Y2K problems at Rutgers, particularly Vice President Haska and Associate Vice President Fehrenbach.

On Governor Whitman’s budget message, President Lawrence said that the 2000-01 budget process is off to a very positive start, and that it includes support for many of Rutgers’ chief objectives, including building academic excellence while maintaining affordable tuition. He noted that the proposed budget includes an approximately $8 million increase, or 2.5 percent, one percent of which is performance-based, and also includes partial funding for salary increases and fringe benefits. Other aspects of the Governor’s proposed state higher-education budget include: a $15 million fund for high-technology workforce programs; a $10 million fund to match federal medical and biomedical research grants; $5 million Blee bill funding for matching gifts; $1.16 million for ARTSYS, which transfers articulation data between higher-education institutions; TAG, EOF and Outstanding Scholars program increases; and commitment to another series of bonds to support the Equipment Leasing Fund program.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT – New Brunswick Campus Report, University Vice President for Academic Affairs Joseph Seneca

University Vice President for Academic Affairs Joseph Seneca presented a synopsis of the New Brunswick State of the Campus Report, noting that it is an abridged version of accomplishments as Rutgers enters its fourth century of service.

A lengthy question-and-answer period followed, during which Vice President Seneca and President Lawrence responded to questions and comments on: the status of multicultural initiatives; the search for a replacement for FAS-NB Dean Richard Foley; status of, and housing for, women’s support services at Rutgers; transportation and parking; Saturday scheduling of Rutgers Academic Challenge, and its effect on religiously observant participants; graduate enrollment, competitive funding, and TA/GA salary increases; renovation and improvement of classrooms, and other capital improvements; the need for more faculty, facilities and student services in response to rising enrollment; and graduate student fees and the percentage of graduate student employee salaries they comprise.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT:   Vice Chair Rabinowitz reported on the January 14, 2000 Executive Committee meeting. The minutes of the January 14 meeting will be distributed with the February 25, 2000 Senate meeting packet.


Senator Kuehn reported on the December 10, 1999 Board of Governors meeting, which included: a Community Impact Report by President Lawrence; awarding of a construction contract for the Laboratory for Cancer Research expansion; revision of University Regulations; discussion of Wintersession; naming of the Newark Center for Metropolitan Studies in honor of Joseph C. Cornwall; and approval for honorary degrees to be bestowed at this year’s commencement ceremonies. Senator Kuehn said he and Senator Parikh are working on increasing communication with the boards, and that an invitational spring BOG Educational Planning and Policy Committee open forum is expected.

Senator Naus reported on the December 16, 1999 Board of Trustees meeting, which focused on how Rutgers University presents itself to the public, and how the university publicizes the achievements of its faculty, students, administration and staff.

REPORT OF CAMPUS FACULTY LIAISONS:   Senator Manganaro reported on the December 1999 and January 2000 New Brunswick Faculty Council meetings, which included: discussion of the state of faculty governance in New Brunswick, and subsequent passage of three related resolutions; and ongoing work on committee charges.

ADJOURNMENT:   There being no further business before the University Senate, Chairperson Scott declared the meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m.

Kenneth Swalagin
Secretary of the University Senate