Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE:  April 28, 2000

TIME AND PLACE:  During recess of 1:10 p.m. Annual Meeting, Multipurpose Room, Rutgers Student Center, 126 College Avenue, College Avenue Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT:  J. Adamcik, Axelrod, Balikov, Barone, Bell, Benovitz, Bhoj, Blasi, Borisovets, Boucher, Bronzan, Burton, Caprio, Carlson, Carlton, Charaipotra, Clinton, J. Cohen, Connell, Crew, Crozier, Davidson, E. Dennis, Deutsch, Dickson, Elias, Emanetoglu, Fechter, Felson, Flanagan, Gaunt. Goldmark, Gross, Hall, Hamm, Harris, Haska, Hirsh, M. Jackson, James, Janes, Keating, Kelly, Kennedy, Kirschner, Knee, Koehler, Kuehn, Lawrence, Leath, Li, Lorenzo, Manganaro, Maradonna, Markowitz, Matsuda, McCloughan, Medina, Miller, Miovech, Naus, Parker, Pomper, Prusakowski, Puniello, Rabinowitz, Sands, Scott, Seneca, Sermarini, Shailor, Simmons, Singer, Solomon, Spencer, St. John, Strom, Szatrowski, Tripolitis, Vodak, Wadia,Walker-Andrews, Watts, Wilkinson, Winterbauer

EXCUSED: Alm, Augustin, Boylan, Cheung, R. Cohen, Colaizzi, R. Dennis, E. Diamond, Diner, Forman, Friedrich, Golhar, Goodman, Griffith, Haidet, Hartman, Hughes, Hyndman, Jesse, Klein, Lang, Mack, Manhoff, Marsh, McKay, Narvaez, Oren, Regulska, Roth, Smouse, Tallau, Tomie, Tuckman, Van Til, Walsh,Webb, Znayenko

ABSENT: Adamcik, Adelson, Advis, Aisenbrey, Baptiste, Beck, Blair, Boulding, Bruner, Bushnell, Chiaverini, Dembowitz, M. Diamond, Edini, Engel, Evans, Feighn, Foley, Gang, Gary, Gilchrist, Hinch, T. Jackson, Jones, Joseph, Jussim, Kazam, Krueckeberg, Lehman, Leontiades, Marlys, Massachaele, Matusz, McCabe, Morrison, Padgett, Panossian, Patel, Perney, Petronko, Pina, Portella, Rothberg, Ruggiero, Samuels, Schaper, Scheinbeim, Snyder, Somville, Sumner, Vershon, Young

: Of 84 total: 39 present (47%), 18 excused (21%), 27 absent (32%)
Students: Of 46 total: 23 present (50%), 4 excused (9%), 19 absent (41%)
Administrators: Of 39 total: 20 present (51%), 14 excused (36%), 5 absent (13%)
Alumni: Of 5 total: 3 present (60%), 1 excused (20%), 1 absent (20%)


PRESIDING OFFICER:  Kathleen Scott, Chairperson

Chairperson Scott called the meeting to order, declared that there was a quorum, and welcomed everyone to the last meeting of the 1999-2000 Senate. She thanked the Senate for an interesting year, Secretary Swalagin for his efforts in increasing the Senate’s web-presence and use of electronic communications, and Senator Jeffrey Cohen for serving as parliamentarian.

The agenda was approved as distributed.
Minutes: the Minutes of March 24, 2000 were approved as distributed by the Secretary.
Communications: The following communication, having been distributed previously, was presented and noted:

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT: President Lawrence’s Administrative Report included comments on: Emmet Dennis’s appointment as Vice President for Student Services, effective April 10, 2000; appointment of George Stauffer as Dean of Mason Gross School of the Arts; a reception for To-Thi Bosacchi, Director of the Asian American Cultural Center; the thirtieth anniversary of Livingston College; recipients of this year’s Human Dignity Awards; and awarding of the Rutgers Medal to US Senator Frank Lautenberg.


Educational Policy and Planning Committee, Natalie Borisovets, Chair:
Report and Resolution on Access to Majors: Senator Borisovets summarized and moved her committee’s report and resolution on Access to Majors. She noted that the resolution is dealing only with admittance to programs, and GPA; it does not speak to retention, nor does it address portfolios, auditions, or other admissions criteria.

Senator Wadia read a statement from Senator Diner opposing the resolution and citing lack of prior consultation with Newark and Camden. Senator Wadia moved that the report be sent back to committee, and that the Camden, New Brunswick, and Newark campuses be consulted. The motion was seconded and discussed. The motion failed. Senator Wadia requested that the names of committee members be included on all resolutions.

Senator Deutsch moved to amend the resolution to apply only to those majors exclusively on the New Brunswick campus. The motion was seconded and discussed. Senator Hirsh called the question. On vote, the question was called. The motion to amend failed.

Returning to the main motion (resolution), Senator Hirsh called the question. On vote, the question was called. The Resolution on Access to Majors carried with a vote of 52 in favor, 2 opposed, with 5 abstentions, as follows:

Be it resolved that the University Senate endorses the principle that students who are in good academic standing in their academic unit* should have access to all majors recognized by that unit, with the exception of those requiring admission to a different unit. Within an academic unit, admittance to a particular major should not require an overall GPA that is higher than that required for a student to be in good academic standing in that unit.

*As defined by University Regulation 1.3.2.A.

Wintersession: Senator Borisovets summarized her committee’s work and plans for reviewing Wintersession, which will continue next year. She asked Senators to send their input on the issue.

Committee on University Governance, Role, Composition and Function of the Senate, Kathleen Scott, Co-Chair: Vice Chair Rabinowitz assumed the chair while Senator Scott summarized, for the Senate’s information, the joint meeting of the Committee on University Governance, Role, Composition and Function of the Senate and the Senate Revitalization Committee. The joint committees recommended that:

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT: Vice Chair Rabinowitz reported on the April 7, 2000 Executive Committee meeting. Draft minutes of the April 7 meeting had been posted on the Senate website.

REPORT OF THE REPRESENTATIVES TO BOARDS OF GOVERNORS AND TRUSTEES: Senator Janes reported on the April 14 Board of Governors meeting, which included: President Lawrence’s report on the work of the Kellogg Commission; a report from the Educational Policy and Planning Committee; naming of Joachim Kohn as Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry; establishment of the Center for Urban Restoration Ecology at Cook College; Buildings and Grounds Committee report on, and board approval of, the University’s capital improvement program; approved granting of an honorary degree to Jose Ramos-Horta, and of the Alan V. Lowenstein Chair in Corporate and Business Law at the School of Law-Newark; and discussions of the Camden master plan, and plans and designs for Route 18 improvements.

Senator Parikh reported on the April 27 Board of Trustees meeting, which included: Professor Clement Price’s talk on the history of the City of Newark, and on Rutgers’ contributions to the cities in which it is located; and reports from BOT advisory committee chairs.

REPORT OF CAMPUS FACULTY LIAISONS: Senator Walker-Andrews, chair of the New Brunswick Faculty Council, reported on NBFC activities, including: elections of NBFC members, and nomination of officers; discussions and reports on the University’s harassment policy, administrator-review procedures at other AAU universities, use of teaching evaluations, teaching assistant training, Wintersession, and other issues.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business before the University Senate, Chairperson Scott declared the meeting adjourned at 3:25 p.m.

Kenneth Swalagin
Secretary of the University Senate