January 22, 1999

MEMBERS PRESENT: Barone, Crew (Chairperson), Krantz, Mayer, Rabinowitz, Scott (Vice Chairperson), Tripolitis; Mickelsen (Substituting for Secretary Swalagin)

ALSO ATTENDING: Carlson (Revitalization Committee Co-chair), Koehler (Alumni Liaison), Locicero (Graduate Student BOT Representative), Naus (Faculty BOT Representative), Seneca (Administrative Liaison)

The regular meeting of the University Senate Executive Committee was held on Friday, January 22, 1999 in the President’s Dining Room of Brower Commons.

Chairperson’s Report:  Chairperson Crew welcomed members back to the beginning of a New Year and thanked Vice Chairperson Scott for chairing the December 4 Senate meeting in his absence.

Secretary’s Report:  Linda Mickelsen, Administrative Assistant, explained that Secretary Swalagin was ill and could not attend the meeting, and that she would be acting as secretary in his absence.

Minutes of the November 19, 1998 Executive Committee meeting were approved.

The following communications were presented to the Executive Committee and acted upon as indicated:

Ms. Mickelsen reported on the status of the 1999 Student Charter Trustee nominations, noting that the Senate office had received five nominations by the deadline date of November 16, 1998, with an additional nomination from Camden received on January 11, 1999. These nominations will be forwarded to the Student Affairs Committee for review and selection of at least three candidates to the Executive Committee. After the Executive Committee’s review, candidates will be submitted to the nominating committee of the Board of Trustees.

Administrative Report:  University Vice President Seneca presented the administrative report. The report included: the expectation of news on the state budget from Governor Whitman and her announcement of a capital program for higher education; accomplishments in the fundraising area; various initiatives in the Reinvest in Rutgers Program; and selection of author Toni Morrison as this year’s Mason Gross lecturer on March 4.

Senator Mayer asked about the extent of Rutgers involvement in Governor Whitman’s virtual university plan. Senator Seneca responded that Rutgers is indeed involved in that planning process. Currently, a statewide inventory is being compiled listing all classes offered for credit at all New Jersey higher education institutions. Thereafter, degree programs will be formulated.

Discussion of student credit-card debt and of possible Senate sponsorship of related educational programs or presentations:  Chairperson Crew proposed that a committee be charged to look into ways in which students can be educated about financial management, particularly controlling credit-card debt. After discussion, the Student Affairs Committee was charged with that responsibility. (This charge will be issued as #S9902.)

Nominations for Graduate Student Member of Executive Committee to replace Emily Carey, who completed her degree in December 1998, thereby becoming ineligible for her Senate and Executive Committee positions:  Senator William Aprea, Law School-Newark student and Senator Kyle Haidet, Graduate School-New Brunswick student were nominated for the position of Student Member of the Executive Committee recently vacated by Emily Carey. The Senate office will contact them to determine if they will stand for election.

Senate Revitalization Committee Report:  Senator Carlson, co-chair of the Revitalization Committee, reported that the committee has been meeting regularly and has scheduled two meetings for February. The committee has been dealing with structural issues of the Senate, and is reviewing proposals drafted by Paul Leath and Kathy Scott, and has also been parsing ways to bring more interesting and stimulating agendas to the Senate. The Committee requested that Senator Samuel Rabinowitz be added to the committee to represent Camden and that a replacement for Emily Carey be named. Senator Krantz agreed to serve as Emily Carey’s replacement. Both appointments were approved.

February 5 Senate Meeting Agenda:  Items were docketed for the February 5 Senate Meeting agenda as follows: New Brunswick Campus Report Special Election for Graduate Student Member of Executive Committee Report on Status of Revitalization Committee Senator Scott suggested that a presentation by the Rutgers Academic Challenge be added to the agenda. Senator Scott will contact Linda Bassett of the Office of Television and Radio to ask that she make such a presentation.

New Business:  Senator Koehler asked about the status of the Alumni Federation’s request for alumni representation on the Executive Committee. Senator Crew said he was not at the last Governance Committee meeting but he would look into this and report back to Senator Koehler.

Adjournment: There being no further business before the Executive Committee, the meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m. by Chairperson Crew.

Linda Mickelsen
Administrative Assistant
Office of the Secretary of the University Senate