January 24, 1997

PRESENT: Borisovets (Immediate Past Chairperson, Boikess, Crew, deBoer, Evans, Lawrence, Schmitt, Scott, Seneca (Administrative Liaison), Szatrowski (Vice Chairperson), Tripolitis (Chairperson); Swalagin (Executive Secretary)

ALSO ATTENDING: Carlson (Chair of the Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility), Fehrenbach (Chair of the Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy Review Committee), Lee (Interim Chair of the Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy Review Committee), Lippincott (Co-Chair of the Student Affairs Committee), Mayer (Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees), McLoof (Undergraduate Representative to the Board of Trustees), Murphy (Parliamentarian), Pifer (Chair of the Equal Opportunity Committee), Sanchez (Student Representative to the Board of Governors), Shafer (Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors)

The regular meeting of the University Senate Executive Committee was held on Friday, January 24, 1997, at 1:10 p.m. in Room 413 of the Rutgers Student Center, the Chair and Secretary being present. 1.

Chairperson’s Report:  Chairperson Tripolitis reported that Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Corinne Webb was unable to meet with the Executive Committee today but has agreed to be at the February 21 meeting.

Chairperson Tripolitis introduced Ken Swalagin, the new Executive Secretary of the University Senate; Prof. Barbara Lee, who will substitute at the next meeting for Leslie Fehrenbach, Chair of the Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Policy Review Committee; and Ken Murphy, Parliamentarian.

Secretary's Report:  Minutes of November 1, 1997 were approved. Minutes of November 15, 1997 Special Meeting were approved as corrected.

Administrative Liaison:  President Lawrence commented on Governor Whitman's upcoming State of the State Address and her upcoming Budget Message, noting that they have recently been areas of major focus. President Lawrence said that it was clear Rutgers would not receive increases generally, there was reason to believe Governor Whitman’s potential K-12 technology fund may also include a higher education component. President Lawrence has met with Governor Whitman to express Rutgers’ needs in this area, particularly regarding educational efficiency and community outreach efforts.

President Lawrence reported on efforts to find new leadership for the Rutgers University Foundation as Foundation President Bruce Newman leaves his position. Mr. Newman will serve briefly as Special Assistant to the President. A search is underway to provide a replacement with strong fundraising and management abilities.

Recommendations for the Student Charter Trustee 1997 Vacancy:  Student Affairs Committee Co-Chair Amy Lippincott presented five nominations for the Student Charter Trustee 1997 vacancy. Following discussion, the Executive Committee, on behalf of the University Senate, unanimously recommended for consideration the following five undergraduates to the Nominating Committee of the Board of Trustees:

University Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Harassment Complaint Process:  Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility Chair Kenneth Carlson presented a memorandum to be sent to Senators which explained his committee’s discussions and recommendations on the proposed University Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Harassment Complaint Process, Sections 3.B through VII. Ms. Fehrenbach will review the amendments and determine which her committee would accept as presented. The proposed amendments will be on the February 7 Senate meeting agenda as part of the continued agenda item from the November 22, 1996 Senate meeting. After discussion, the Executive Committee confirmed placement of Sections 3.B through VII of the Harassment Complaint Process, Sections 3.B through VII on the February 7, 1997 University Senate meeting agenda. The item being a continuation from the previous meeting, the same procedure established for the November 22 meeting will be followed in its presentation and discussion at the February 7 meeting.

Equal Opportunity Committee:  Equal Opportunity Committee Chair Joseph Pifer presented his committee’s motions in response to the Executive Committee’s charges S-9702 and S-9703 to: review the University’s Nondiscrimination Policy, and its Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Policy; and to look into other categories needing protection under those policies, respectively.

There was discussion of the EOC’s three written motions to bring before the Senate the issues of: 1) a request that the University Administration implement a policy on HIV/AIDS; 2) protection for transgendered persons under the University’s Nondiscrimination Policy and Harassment Policy; and 3) protection on the basis of creed under the University’s Nondiscrimination and Harassment Policy. The Executive Committee placed the three motions on charges S-9702 and S-9703 on the February 7 Senate agenda as new business.

Dr. Seneca suggested the EOC invite University Counsel to discuss the issue and provide an assessment regarding protection under the current policy and any additional inclusions. Senator Pifer agreed to schedule a meeting with University Counsel.

February 7 Senate Meeting:  The Executive Committee decided to put the University Policy Prohibiting Harassment and Harassment Complaint Process before the Campus Reports on the agenda for the February 7 Senate meeting. The procedure for presentation of the Harassment Complaint Process will be the same as was employed at the November 22 meeting. Chairperson Tripolitis said that a speakers’ list will be created by the Senate Office, and that anyone asking to be put on the list will be asked if their comments will be pertinent to a particular amendment or to the general policy. All speakers will be told that they must be speaking to the subject.

Committee Appointments:

Chairperson Tripolitis reported that Don McCabe had declined co-chairmanship of the Committee on Rutgers University and the Public. The Executive Committee agreed that Michael Shapiro would continue as sole chair of the committee.

There was discussion concerning automatic assignment of all student Senators as voting members of the Student Affairs Committee. Secretary Swalagin will review past Executive Committee Minutes for further information.

A motion to ask University College Dean Emmett Dennis to serve as co-chair of the Committee on Rutgers University and the Public was seconded and approved.

Old Business:  Senator de Boer presented a Motion to Charge the Student Affairs Committee with investigation of the student-employees appeals process. The motion was seconded and approved. Secretary Swalagin will docket the charge as S-9704 and transmit it to the Student Affairs Committee.

Adjournment:  There was no new business. There being no other business before the Executive Committee, the meeting was adjourned at 3:25 p.m.

Kenneth W. Swalagin
Secretary of the University Senate

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