February 21, 1997

PRESENT: Borisovets (Immediate Past Chairperson), Boikess, Crew, deBoer, Evans, Lawrence, Scott, Szatrowski (Vice Chairperson), Tripolitis (Chairperson), Swalagin (Executive Secretary)


ABSENT: Schmitt

ALSO ATTENDING: Koehler (Alumni Senator Liaison), Mayer (Faculty Representative to the Board of Trustees), McLoof (Undergraduate Representative to the Board of Trustees), Sanchez (Student Representative to the Board of Governors), Shafer (Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors)

The regular meeting of the University Senate Executive Committee was held on Friday, February 21, 1997, at 1:10 p.m. in Room 413 of the Rutgers Student Center, the Chair and Secretary being present.

Chairperson’s Report:  Chairperson Tripolitis welcomed Corinne Webb, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, and Nancy Winterbauer, Vice President for Budgeting, to the meeting.

Presentation by Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management Corinne Webb:  President Lawrence introduced Corinne Webb, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management, and Nancy Winterbauer, Vice President for Budgeting, who gave a presentation on Rutgers’ new approach to admissions. President Lawrence said that Dr. Webb has been working with Drs. Seneca and Winterbauer, as well as faculty, on improving the admissions process at the University; that the new procedures have been received enthusiastically; and that, although the admissions process has not yet evolved to where Drs. Webb and Winterbauer ultimately want it to be, it has come a long way in the past seven months.

Dr. Webb presented highlights of the changes in the admissions process, including: new publications on the University and New Jersey, Rutgers’ facilities, programs, and financial information, as well as new collegiate brochures; the practice of purchasing from ETS lists of high- achieving students and targeting them for recruitment; planned and existing improvements of on-site campus visits, tours, and other events; the new application and interactive website, which can tell an applicant when an admission decision has been made (but not what the decision is), or what is missing from their application; and efforts to improve response time for notifying students of acceptance. President Lawrence and Dr. Winterbauer mentioned the importance of quickly notifying applicants of acceptance.

Dr. Webb then described the Admissions Department’s new telephone-response system, which is staffed by trained student employees who respond to phone inquiries, and screen and forward e-mail to appropriate Admissions personnel. Drs. Webb and Winterbauer described ongoing efforts to turn the system of tours, open houses and information fairs into a more cohesive and integrated process. Dr. Webb described pilot, volunteer programs which would enable Rutgers faculty, staff and students to be ambassadors for Rutgers, and to share their pride in the University with applicants or incoming students. She also spoke of efforts to enable online application, to offer alternatives to students who are not accepted at their first-choice Rutgers unit, and to provide more and better course-transfer information to transfer students.

In response to Dr. Webb’s request for suggestions, Senator Borisovets suggested extending the hours of the Information Center to include evenings and weekends, Senator Crew suggested adding links to departmental webpages on the Admissions website, and Senator Sanchez suggested upgrading the Welcome Center building to make it more attractive.

Senator Mayer commented that her experience with Admissions over the past year had been a positive one, and observed that a significant number of students are attracted to individual departments rather than Rutgers generally. Dr. Winterbauer responded that it is always a balancing act to try to present large, rich institutions, and then market individual pieces, but that they do recognize the need to address that issue. Senator Mayer also commented on the apparent scarcity of arts presence in the admissions materials. Dr. Webb responded that they will look to present more arts information in the next printing of admissions publications.

Senator Shafer said that, although interactive websites could benefit many University programs, RUCS does not allow them. President Lawrence asked Senator Shafer to communicate directly with Vice President Haska on that issue.

Senator Boikess inquired about initiatives to attract out-of-state students. Dr. Webb said that additional out-of-state areas have been targeted through ETS. A list by zip code of students with high PSAT scores has been obtained from ETS, and those students will be contacted.

Dr. Winterbauer mentioned two other areas of current admissions activity: efforts to reach a contractual agreement with the State of New Jersey to provide state-supported merit scholarships for Rutgers students; and work with faculty groups to determine how best to enlist Rutgers employees in promoting the University and contacting high-achieving students.

Secretary's Report:  Minutes of January 24, 1997 were approved.

The following communications were reviewed:

Administrative Liaison:  President Lawrence commented regarding out-of-state students, and his concern regarding Governor Whitman’s recommendation that increased out-of-state tuition revenue may ameliorate declining state support. He commended the Targum’s reporting of the issue, and said he believed Dr. Winterbauer would respond to the Targum.

President Lawrence said that he had recently taken the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce train trip, on which he was able to meet many representatives and comment about his concerns regarding the budget and other issues. He said that several committees of which he is a member have recently come to the fore; that he had just spent two days at the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools; and that the AAU Graduate Report was moving along nicely and that he expected the committee to give him its draft report soon, after which he would work with other institutions on the final report.

President Lawrence reported on the ongoing University Foundation position search. He said that he is working with a Boston search firm which is probably the best in the country, which will sift through the candidates to help locate someone who can come in and immediately be effective in the position.

In response to Senator de Boer’s asking when he would sign the Policy on Harassment, President Lawrence said that the University lawyers are reviewing it now, and will provide him with feedback.

Campus Faculty Liaison:  Senator Shafer reported that the Faculty Committee on Faculty/Administration Relations elected a group of faculty to regularly meet with and advise President Lawrence; and that the Resolution Two Committee held two focus groups with administrators and faculty to discuss the internal communications process of the marketing study, and questions regarding University libraries. He said the New Brunswick Faculty Council continues to work on the question of the role of the Faculty Council under Reorganization, has had discussions with Vice President Seneca and Dean Foley, and expects the details to be settled by the end of the year.

March 14 Senate Meeting:  The agenda for the March 14 Senate meeting will consist of items which were carried over from the February 7 Senate meeting agenda, docketed as follows:

Adjournment:  There was no new business. There being no other business before the Executive Committee, the meeting was adjourned at 2:40 p.m.

Kenneth W. Swalagin
Secretary of the University Senate

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