October 2, 1998

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Crew (Chairperson), Barone, Carey, Krantz, Mayer, Rabinowitz, Scott (Vice Chairperson) , Swalagin (Executive Secretary), Tripolitis

ALSO ATTENDING:  Lawrence (Administrative Liaison) Committee Chairs: Borisovets, Carlson, Griffith, Hyndman, Kubey, Levinson, Naus, Parikh, Pedersen, Shailor

The regular meeting of the University Senate Executive Committee was held on Friday, October 2, 1998 at 1:10 p.m. in Room 413 of the Rutgers Student Center, College Avenue Campus, the Chair and Secretary being present.

Chairperson’s Report:  Chairperson Crew called the meeting to order and asked all present to introduce themselves. He reminded committee chairs to be proactive and to consider standing charges in the University context rather than waiting for specific charges from the Executive Committee. He asked all to consider and engage all four groups of constituents (students, faculty, alumni and administrators) in their Senate and committee processes, to poll the members of their committees for ideas on which issues should be considered, and to examine the full list of committees to identify areas of overlap or other joint issues. He also stressed the need to be alert to issues raised in the media (particularly The Chronicle of Higher Education), to look at the higher-education system needs, and to refocus attention in this broader context. He added that these principles apply equally to the Executive Committee.

President Lawrence voiced his support of Chairperson Crew’s charge to the committee chairs, and said that some standing committees are already functioning at a very high level and are of great benefit to the administration. He asked if administrator committee members are regularly attending and participating in meetings, noting that he has stressed to administrators that Senate participation is important and expected. Chairperson Crew reminded committee chairs to report attendance to the Senate Secretary.

Chairperson Crew told committee chairs they should not gauge their committees’ importance by the number of resolutions generated, but to consider circulation of information equally important. President Lawrence agreed, noting that the public is becoming increasingly involved in higher-education issues, and that Senate committees now have a much broader range of areas to explore, such as graduation rates as performance indicators, tenure and other faculty issues, relationships with other institutions, and the role of technology in learning.

Secretary's Report:  Minutes of the September 4, 1998 Executive Committee meeting were approved. The following communications were presented to the Executive Committee, and acted upon as indicated:

At this point, Chairperson Crew suggested that Senator Carlson and Secretary Swalagin co-chair the Senate Revitalization Committee. On motion and duly seconded, the co-chairship was so approved and established.

Reports of Standing Committee Chairs:  Standing committee chairs summarized their committees’ ongoing and planned activities. [These reports will be given before the full Senate on October 30, 1998.] Chairperson Crew said that any committee may request a formal charge from the Executive Committee on issues it wishes to consider. President Lawrence thanked the chairs and their committees for their work, noting that it is important to him and to the University.

Administrative Report:  President Lawrence presented the administrative report, which included: progress on the state budget and capital funding; a report on fundraising; review of his recent activities in Washington, DC and meetings in Trenton; scheduling of his fundraising meetings, the vast majority of which are in New Jersey; potential or pending grants; and the value and benefits of research activities for Rutgers students and the greater community.

October 30 Senate Meeting Agenda:  October 30, 1998 Senate meeting agenda items were docketed as follows:

Chairperson Crew asked all present to think about inviting guest speakers to add variety and interest to Senate meetings.

Old Business:  At Senator Borisovets’ request, on motion and duly seconded, the Educational Policy Committee was charged with reviewing and commenting on the Libraries Long-Range Plan.

New Business:  Senator Krantz asked, on behalf of the Alcohol Policy Committee, for suggestions for faculty Senators to provide input. Senator Scott suggested the committee could send a preliminary report to the Executive Committee for its and the Senate’s consideration.

Adjournment:  There being no further business before the Executive Committee, on motion and duly seconded, the meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m. by Chairperson Crew.

Kenneth Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the Senate