October 9, 1997

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Crew (Chairperson), Evans, Mayer, Rodriguez, Shapiro, Sigel, Swalagin (Executive Secretary), Znayenko

EXCUSED:  Scott (Vice Chairperson), Tripolitis (Immediate Past Chairperson)

ALSO ATTENDING:  Blair (New Brunswick Faculty Liaison), Boikess (Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors), Janes (Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors), Puniello (Faculty Representative to the Board of Governors), Seneca (Administrative Liaison)

The regular meeting of the University Senate Executive Committee was held on Thursday, October 9, 1997, at 1:10 p.m. in Room 413 of the Rutgers Student Center, the Chair and Secretary being present.

Chairperson’s Report:  Chairperson Crew asked the Executive Committee if they would agree with his request to add to Executive Committee agendas reports from the Representatives to the Board of Governors and the Board of Trustees. The members present agreed the reports should be added to future agendas.

Secretary's Report:  Minutes of the September 5, 1997 Executive Committee meeting were approved.

Secretary Swalagin informed the Executive Committee that the following committee appointments had been made since September 5: Paul Bruner, MGSA (F), Student Affairs Committee; Christopher Cooney, Pharmacy (S), Planning Committee; Mary Davidson, SSW (A), changed from Equal Opportunity Committee to Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility; Jennifer Monaco, MGSA (S), Planning Committee. The Executive Committee agreed that the Executive Secretary should continue to assign Senators to committees after the initial committee-assignment process, based on the Senators’ stated committee preferences and the Secretary’s knowledge of committee composition and needs.

Administrative Liaison:  University Vice President for Academic Affairs Joseph Seneca explained that President Lawrence could not attend the meeting due to capital campaign and other commitments.

Vice President Seneca reported that Howard Hughes Medical Investigator grants had been awarded to Professors Eileen White and Richard Ebright. The grants are very prestigious and competitive, and provide five years of support for the faculty members, equipment, and technicians.

Vice President Seneca reviewed the fall 1997 enrollment numbers, as follows: total enrollment for the University is 48,341, up by 529 from last year; increases of 4.5 percent in New Brunswick, and 30 percent in Camden. He said the administration is very pleased with these enrollment figures, affirms the importance of Rutgers as an accessible and affordable higher education institution, and will continue to work to attract high-achieving students.

Dr. Seneca commented on: faculty recruitment, saying that there were 93 new faculty employments last year, consisting of 84 tenure track, and nine tenured appointments; progress of the capital campaign, including a feasibility report to be examined by the Board of Overseers of the University Foundation; activities of the Middle-States Accreditation Committee, including current review of reports of the various committees; and the continuing examination of and planning efforts relative to the University’s library system, including last May’s summit meeting and the efforts of the resultant steering committee (chaired by University Librarian Marianne Gaunt) to update the libraries’ long-range plan, and implementation of the new IRIS technology in the libraries.

Campus Faculty Liaisons:  Senator Blair reported on the activities of and September 26 meeting of the New Brunswick Faculty Council, including ongoing committee appointments by the Executive Cabinet, and planned discussion of recruitment, admissions, and faculty issues.

Senator Znayenko, for Asela Laguna Diaz, Newark Faculty Liaison, presented the minutes of the September 15, 1997 Newark Faculty Council meeting, which included: a Provost’s Report on personnel changes, new hires, changes outside of Rutgers-Newark, labor negotiations, budget issues, SROA funds, and other items; a Chair’s Report on elections for the Executive Cabinet, and other general items; a Middle-States Update; and a Faculty of Management Update.

Interim Report of the Equal Opportunity and Student Affairs Committees Regarding ROTC:  On motion and duly seconded, the Executive Committee approved for placement on the University Senate’s website the Equal Opportunity and Student Affairs Committees’ Interim Report on “Discrimination Against Homosexuals by Rutgers University ROTC Programs,” contingent upon prior approval by both the EOC and SAC (the SAC had not, at that time, yet approved the Interim Report), and clarification of elimination of the last paragraph on “Middle-Ground Recommendations.” The Interim Report will be made available online for consideration and input of the Senate and University community.

Report of the Academic Calendar and Commencement Committee:  Secretary Swalagin informed the Executive Committee that the Academic Calendar and Commencement Committee had withdrawn its report from the agenda in order to consider concerns recently expressed by some of its members relative to lengthening the reading period. Chairperson Crew read to the Executive Committee a memorandum from Senator Seneca suggesting that the Academic Calendar and Commencement Committee consult with Edward Kozack, Assistant Vice President for Auxiliary Services, regarding the impact of calendar changes on dining, housing, security and other services.

October 24 Senate Meeting Agenda:  The President’s State of the University Address, having previously been docketed for the October 24 Senate meeting in Camden, was the only item placed on the Senate agenda.

New Business:  Senator Shapiro made a motion, along with Senator Mayer, to authorize Chairperson Crew to appoint an arbitration panel consisting of one student, one faculty member, and one administrator, to meet privately with ROTC and representatives of gay and lesbian concerns to formulate recommendations regarding ROTC. After some discussion, Senator Shapiro and the Executive Committee tabled the motion.

Adjournment:  There was no old business. There being no further business before the Executive Committee, the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m. by Chairperson Crew.

Kenneth Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the University Senate

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