November 17, 2000

 PRESENT: MEMBERS: Barone, Borisovets, Kelly, Koehler, Leath, Rabinowitz (Vice Chair), Scott (Chair), Swalagin (Executive Secretary), Walker-Andrews

ALSO ATTENDING: Ishayik (Undergraduate Student BOT Representative), Lawrence (Administrative Liaison), Naus (Faculty BOT Representative), Parikh (Student BOG Representative), J. Rubin, Seneca (Administrative Liaison)

EXCUSED: Fechter

The regular meeting of the University Senate Executive Committee was held on Friday, November 17, 2000 at 1:10 p.m. in the President’s Dining Room, Brower Commons, College Avenue Campus.

1. Chairperson’s Report
Chairperson Scott called the meeting to order. Due to the lengthy agenda, she reminded all present that the Executive Committee’s function is to decide what to do with the issues, rather than to resolve them.

2. Secretary's Report
Minutes of the October 6, 2000 Executive Committee meeting were approved as distributed by the Secretary.

Communications: The following communications were presented and acted upon as noted:

3. Administrative Report
President Lawrence’s administrative report consisted primarily of comments on the recent Board of Governors meeting in Camden, which included discussion of a "trial balloon" on enrollment issues, and concurrent plans for an examination of enrollment and demographics over the next five to seven years, and other topics.

University Vice President Seneca reported on grant awards from the Commission on Higher Education, including $2.6 million to Rutgers for proposals on high-tech workforce programs.

4. Standing Committee and Administrative Reports

5. Targum Concept Plan
University Senate Guidelines Regarding Special Student Organizations require that: "All petitioning student organizations which seek authorization to conduct a student body referendum under either of the alternative procedures described in the Board funding policy must first submit a ‘Concept Plan’ for review by the University Senate and approval by the University President." The Executive Committee discussed the Targum’s current Concept Plan, and approved the following resolution:

Whereas, in seeking authorization to conduct spring 2001 student referenda on the New Brunswick campus to qualify for funding, The Daily Targum submitted its Concept Plan to the Senate Executive Committee, as required by the University Senate Guidelines Regarding Special Student Organizations; and,

Whereas, the Executive Committee, acting on behalf of the University Senate, which is composed of faculty, student, alumni, and administrator members from the Camden, Newark, and New Brunswick campuses, has reviewed The Daily Targum's Concept Plan with the sole criterion of determining the educational value of the program;

Be It Resolved that the Executive Committee of the Rutgers University Senate, on behalf of the Rutgers University Senate, recommends The Daily Targum's Concept Plan to President Lawrence for administrative review and approval.

6. Workplace Violence Policy, Draft Committee Charge
The following charge was issued to the Faculty Affairs and Personnel Committee: "Review and provide comments on the Rutgers University Workplace Violence Policy, per President Lawrence’s November 2000 request." The deadline for response to this charge is February 15, 2001.

7. December 1, 2000 Senate Agenda
Items were docketed and scheduled for the December 1, 2000 Senate agenda, including University Librarian Marianne Gaunt’s presentation on Copyright (postponed from the October 27, 2000 Senate meeting), the "Drop/Add" recommendation, and Camden and Newark Campus Reports.

8. Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 3:08 p.m. by Chairperson Scott.


Kenneth Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the Senate