November 19, 1998

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Barone, Crew (Chairperson), Carey, Krantz, Mayer, K. Scott (Vice Chairperson)

EXCUSED:  Rabinowitz, Tripolitis

The University Senate Executive Committee met on Thursday, November 19, 1998 at 3:30 p.m. at the University Senate office, the Chair and Secretary being present. This meeting had been scheduled to address business which arose after the November 6, 1998 was canceled.

Chairperson’s Report:  Chairperson Crew called the meeting to order, and announced that he would be attending the National Council of Churches in Zimbabwe during the upcoming December Senate meeting. He asked Vice Chairperson Scott to preside at the Senate meeting, and she accepted that responsibility.

Secretary's Report:  Minutes of the October 2, 1998 Executive Committee meeting were approved.

Communications had been docketed on the day's agenda as individual action items, and were reviewed and acted upon as the meeting progressed.

Student Affairs Committee's Resolution on Online Release of Personal Directory Information:  Senator Krantz, co-chair of the Student Affairs Committee, presented her committee's resolution to recommend a change in the way students' personal and directory information is published on Rutgers University's World Wide Web directory. The resolution was placed on the December 4, 1998 Senate agenda.

Planning Committee Request for Planning Committee and Educational Policy Committee Merger:  Planning Committee Chair Hyndman's November 10, 1998 memorandum asking the Executive Committee to merge the Planning and Educational Policy Committees was reviewed. It was noted that the committees had been combined before, but that the merger had a negative effect on both committees, and was thereafter reversed. Secretary Swalagin was instructed to tell both committees that they may form an ad hoc joint committee at any time, and to ask both committees to meet jointly to discuss the proposed merger and provide comments to the Executive Committee. After those comments are received, the Executive Committee will consider charging the Committee on University Governance and Role, Composition and Function of the Senate with this issue.

Old Business:  A formal charge was issued to the Committee on University Governance and Role, Composition and Function of the Senate to consider the Alumni Federation's request that an alumnus/a be seated on the Senate Executive Committee.

Secretary Swalagin told the committee that Senator Carlson had suggested the Senate pass a resolution of appreciation to the Board of Governors for the board's authorization of administrative discussion regarding provision of benefits to same-sex domestic partners. The resolution was composed and added to the December 4 Senate agenda.

Secretary Swalagin reminded the committee of a provision of the March 13, 1998 Senate-approved resolution regarding ROTC's federally mandated discrimination against homosexuals which requires the Executive Committee to provide a progress report to the Senate. Senator Krantz said that an administrative committee is being formed. Chairperson Crew and Secretary Swalagin will ask the administration to confirm formation of such a committee.

The committee discussed a November 14, 1998 memorandum requesting a status report on a previously filed appeal. The appeal had been tabled pending the outcome of a formal grievance. Chairperson Crew and Secretary Swalagin will confirm the status with members of the Appeals Committee, and will inform the appellants.

New Business:  Senator Carey asked if parking issues were within the Senate's domain, citing the scarcity of available parking on the College Avenue Campus. Vice Chair Scott offered to discuss the matter with Bob Spears of the Parking Department.

Chairperson Crew expressed concerns over the increasing trend of college students incurring huge and often devastating credit-card debts during their education. He suggested there is a strong need to educate students about responsible financial management, including the deceptive and dangerously appealing advertising practices of the credit industry. This issue will be discussed further at the next Executive Committee meeting.

Following Senator Mayer's suggestion that a broad-interest presentation be added to the upcoming Senate agenda, Vice Chair Scott had spoken with Gary Gigliotti, Director of the Teaching Excellence Center-NB, who had agreed to speak to the Senate on technology in classrooms and instruction. After discussion, Prof. Gigliotti's presentation was docketed as the first item on the December 4 Senate agenda.

The committee approved a motion to establish and communicate to standing committees deadlines for action on all charges.

Discussion of Senate election procedures led to a request that Secretary Swalagin determine if the Physics Auditorium, the seating area of which is equipped with electronic communication equipment, would be an appropriate venue for Senate elections.

December 4 Senate Meeting Agenda:  Items were docketed for the December 4, 1998 Senate meeting agenda as indicated above.

Adjournment:  There being no further business before the Executive Committee, the meeting was adjourned at 5:50 p.m. by Chairperson Crew.

Kenneth Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the University Senate