December 3, 1999
PRESENT: MEMBERS: Borisovets, Cohen, Crozier, Haidet, Koehler, Leath, Rabinowitz (Vice Chair), Scott (Chair), Swalagin (Executive Secretary)

EXCUSED: Barone, Crew

ALSO ATTENDING: Emanetoglu (Chair, Committee on Research and Research Administration), Friedrich (Chair, Committee on Rutgers University and the Public), Kuehn (Student BOG Representative), Naus (Faculty BOT Representative), Pifer (Chair, Equal Opportunity Committee), Seneca (Administrative Liaison), Shailor (Chair, Athletic Policy Committee), Singer Co-Chair, Student Affairs Committee), Tripolitis (for Academic Personnel Committee)
The regular meeting of the University Senate Executive Committee was held on Friday, December 3, 1999 at 1:10 p.m. in the President’s Dining Room, Brower Commons, College Avenue Campus, the Chair and Secretary being present.

1. Chairperson’s Report

Chairperson Scott called the meeting to order, and thanked standing-committee chairs for attending.

2. Secretary's Report

Minutes: Minutes of the November 5, 1999 Executive Committee meeting were approved.

Communications: The following communication was presented and acted upon as noted:

 3. Administrative Report

University Vice President for Academic Affairs Joseph Seneca presented the administrative report, which included:

Dr. Seneca summarized his report on the Balance of Full-time and Part-time Faculty Teaching at Rutgers University. This report responds to Charge S-9903. Secretary Swalagin will send the report to the Senate as a communication for the January 2000 Senate meeting. Referring to a pending charge to the Committee on University Governance and Role, Composition and Function of the Senate, Chairperson Scott asked if it would be possible to set up a reporting system to make retrieval of information on PTLs easier. Dr. Seneca responded that he could provide yearly updates of this information.

4. Standing-Committee Chairs’ Caucus

Having decided at the September 1999 Executive Committee meeting that standing-committee chairs should meet with the Executive Committee at least twice each semester, the second Chairs’ Caucus of the Fall 1999 semester was convened at this meeting. Chairperson Scott asked for summaries of committees’ activities and plans, and called for issues for Senate consideration. Committee chairs or their representatives responded as follows:

Athletic Policy Committee Chair Barbara Shailor said that her committee has met three times this year, and has discussed: market-driven majors and issues for student athletes, recruiting, resurrection of the suspended Sports Management major (the Athletic Policy Committee has sent a letter to Richard Foley, FAS-NB Dean, supporting reinstatement of that major), and ongoing work with SCILS on majors in information technology and media/sports broadcasting and journalism (the committee has sent a memo to Vice President Seneca on the subject).

Equal Opportunity Committee Chair Joseph Pifer said that his committee did not meet this fall, but will meet extensively in the spring to discuss: a response to the ROTC report, same-sex domestic partners health benefits, the effect of admissions policy on minorities, and the effect of lawsuits attacking Affirmative Action. He asked the Executive Committee to request a report from the administration on numbers of employees utilizing same-sex domestic partner benefits, and the percentage of those able to qualify for the benefits. Chairperson Scott will add Senator Pifer to the Executive Committee subgroup currently working to formulate questions for Corinne Webb and Nancy Winterbauer on admissions issues.

Academic Personnel Committee Chair Joseph Barone was unable to attend the meeting. Committee member Antonia Tripolitis said that the committee has not met this year and has been issued no specific, pending charges. Secretary Swalagin was asked to revise the proposed charge on use of student evaluations of instructors, and to draft and circulate a charge to examine and comment on Vice President Seneca’s Report on Part-Time Teaching at Rutgers.

Investments Advisory Committee Chair Beverly Aisenbrey was unable to attend the meeting. Committee member Robert Koehler said that the committee has met once to discuss the standing charge, and plans to meet again soon.

Student Affairs Committee Co-Chair David Singer said that the committee will hold its fourth meeting of the year in one week, that it has formed subcommittees to research the pending charges on in- and out-of-state residency requirements and the use of Social Security numbers as student identification numbers, and that it has not yet begun work on the charge to explore ways to educate students about credit-card debt and financial responsibility. He asked that the Budget Committee meet with the Student Affairs Committee to discuss the joint charge on residency. He also noted that more faculty and administrator participation is needed in his committees activities.

Budget Committee Chair Joseph Naus said that his committee has met and discussed its pending charges as well as the issue of mandatory student fees. During the report of the Educational Policy Committee, Senator Naus asked that the EPC proposal on access to majors be sent to the Budget Committee for comment.

Educational Policy Committee Chair Natalie Borisovets said that her committee has met five times this year, and has discussed and is continuing to work on charges involving access to majors, TZ-grade, Wintersession, teaching assistant training, and advising. She hopes to have revised resolutions on access to majors and the TZ-grade for the January 2000 Senate meeting. Subcommittees have been formed to work on specific issues, and the committee has decided to merge with the Planning Committee (as requested by the Planning Committee), pending the advice of the Committee on University Governance and Role, Composition and Function of the Senate.

Academic Calendar and Commencement Committee Chair Gary Roth was unable to attend the meeting. Committee member Samuel Rabinowitz said the committee would meet the next week, and that it hopes to formulate a "perpetual calendar" for the period ending in 2013.

Committee on Research and Research Administration Chair Nuri Emanetoglu said he had nothing to report.

Rutgers University and the Public Chair Gustav Friedrich said his committee had met to brainstorm possible subjects for committee action, has decided to work on a vision and value statement for Rutgers, has asked Executive Director of University Communication William Walker and Executive Director of Quality and Communication Improvement Brent Ruben to create a plan to disseminate such a statement internally and externally, and that his committee may take on other issues if time permits.

Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility Chair Kenneth Carlson was unable to attend the meeting. Committee member Alice Crozier said that the committee has not yet met this year. The committee will meet on December 15 to discuss distance learning. The charge to explore the relationship between the public’s right to know and an academic’s right to be free of harassment has been put on hold pending the final draft of a policy being developed by faculty at the School of Law-Newark, and that policy’s review by the Grievance and Litigation Committee of the Rutgers AAUP.

5. Old Business

Secretary Swalagin was asked to send periodic reports of Senators’ attendance at Senate and committee meetings to their respective units to advise them of the level of their Senators’ participation, and to sort that portion of the Year-End Secretary’s Report by unit.

6. New Business

Chairperson Scott asked for an Executive Committee representative to the newly formed Copyright Symposium Steering Committee. Alice Crozier agreed to serve on that steering committee. Chairperson Scott will inform Steering Committee Chairperson Maryann Gaunt.

7. Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:07 p.m. by Chairperson Scott.

Kenneth  Swalagin
Executive Secretary of the Senate