Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE:  March 14, 1997

TIME AND PLACE:  1:10 p.m., Multipurpose Room, Rutgers Student Center, 126 College Avenue, New Brunswick

MEMBERS PRESENT:   Bagnell, Barone, Bartkowski, Beatty, Benson, Berman, Bhoj, Boikess, Borisovets, Braun, Budd, Burstein, Carlson, Clarke, Cooney, Crew, Crystal, de Boer, DeMicco, E. Dennis, R. Dennis, Dill, Elkouss, Emanetogh, Evans, Flanagan, Foley, Gary, Gaunt, Georgiou, Gillio, Giunta, Grassle, Haidet, Hall, Harris, Haska, Heumann, Hosford, Hughes, Hyndman, Idler, Katz, Kirschner, Krantz, Krueckeberg, Kuhlthau, Kwok, LeFer, Leontiades, Levinson, Lippincott, Logie, Manhoff, Marques, Mayer, McAfee, McCabe, McLoof, Mehra, Montville, Nash, Naus, Niesz, Perney, Pifer, Puniello, Rabinowitz, Rodriquez, Roth, Salpas, Samuels, Sanchez, Scott, Seneca, Sethi, Shapiro, Sigel, Smoyak, Szatrowski, Taghon, Tangri, Tortajada, Tripolitis, Varon, Wadia, Warschawski, A. Watts, T. Watts, Webb, Whipple, Wilkinson, R. Wilson, Winterbauer

EXCUSED:  Allender, Bathory, Boylan, Burton, Crozier, Davidson, Forman, Hendricks, Jacobs, Keddie, Koehler, Lattimer, Lawrence, Magryta, Mastrobuono, McCloughan, Miller, Pedersen, Reed, Rockland, Rotker, Sass, Shafer, Somville, Tarbell, Venezian, Znayenko

ABSENT:  Abrams, Bailey, Baltgian, Barber, Bartels, Bartov, Baxter, Belton, Bethel, Blumenschine, Bottega, Burger, Caprio, Carlton, Catlin, Colaizzi, Finstein, Frenkel, Goodman, Gordon, Greven, Griffith, Hernandez, Hlavsa-Suk, Ipri, Janes, Joel, Kenfield, Klein, Laskaris, LeBaron, Lesser, Li, Liivak, Matilsky, McCoy, Mulroy, Okusanya, Olsson, Panayotatos, Perrino, Poole, Puccio, Rabin, Rosen, Rothberg, Scheinbeim, Schmitt, Shailor, Shavelli, Simmons, Snyder, Srinidhi, St. Peter, Talabi, Tangri, Vasconcelos, Walker, Whiteside, Williams, M. Wilson


PRESIDING OFFICER:  Antonia Tripolitis, Chairperson

Chairperson Tripolitis called the meeting to order at 1:20 p.m. and declared that there was a quorum.

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY:   Agenda: The Agenda was approved as distributed.  Minutes: The minutes of February 7, 1997 were approved as distributed by the Secretary.

REPORT OF THE REPRESENTATIVES TO BOARDS OF GOVERNORS AND TRUSTEES:  Chairperson Tripolitis said that there had been no Board of Trustees meeting since the last Senate meeting.

Senator Sanchez, Student Representative to the Board of Governors, reported on the February 14, 1997 meeting of the Board of Governors, including: induction of Albert R. Gomper, Jr., an alumnus of University College, as a new member of the Board of Governors; passage of a resolution naming Professor Frank Jordan of the Newark Campus as the Board of Governors Professor of Chemistry; passage of a resolution naming Professor Jack Levy of the New Brunswick Campus as a Board of Governors Professor of Political Science; approval of the design development plans for the Center for Law and Justice Project on the Newark Campus; and passage of a resolution honoring Governor Keiko Harvey for her years of service to the Boards of Governors and Trustees.

CAMPUS FACULTY LIAISONS:  Senator Sigel reported on the February 28, 1997 meeting of the New Brunswick Faculty Council, including: a presentation by Vice President Seneca outlining actual and planned strategic resource allocations; discussion of the upcoming reorganization and expansion of the New Brunswick Faculty Council, including increasing membership to 78 members, in keeping with the findings of the Blair Report, which was unanimously passed by last year’s Faculty Council; summaries of the Liaison Committee’s discussions by Professor Paul Leath, who heads the Faculty Council’s Administration Liaison Committee, and President Lawrence, including release of salary increments to promoted faculty. The next New Brunswick Faculty Council meeting will be on March 28 at 1:30 p.m. in the Center Hall of the Busch Campus Center.

Senator Adam reported on the March 3 meeting of the Newark Faculty Council, including: continued discussion of planning to move Newark Campus into Research University Ranking 2, and to make Newark Campus more attractive to high-quality students and faculty through improved support services, libraries, computing facilities, and mentoring, as well as creation of an environment in which researchers and faculty from various disciplines could collaborate, perhaps through campus-wide seminars.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Vice Chairperson Szatrowski reported on the February 21, 1997 meeting of the Executive Committee, including: a presentation by Corinne Webb, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management; and appointment of a Nominating Committee which will produce the slate of candidates for 1997-98 Senate officers and other representatives. Vice Chairperson Szatrowski reminded the Senate to submit nomination forms to the Senate office by March 28 so they can be forwarded to the Nominating Committee.


New Brunswick Campus Report:   Vice President Seneca presented a synopsis of the New Brunswick Campus Report. (The report had been distributed to Senators in advance, and is attached to the master copy of these minutes as Attachment A.)

Senator Georgiou asked if the administration was doing anything to address the lack of computer services, facilities and equipment available to students on the Newark Campus.

Vice President Seneca responded that the Newark Campus now has a new Director of Computing Services, and that consultants have been appointed to work on the problem. He also said that he would discuss the situation with Vice President Haska, who was present at the Senate meeting, and asked Associate Provost McCabe if he would also like to respond. Associate Provost McCabe said that Marie Botticelli, the new RUCS Director in Newark, has enthusiastically accepted the challenge of improving computer services on that campus, and that some positive change should take place as soon as within the next two weeks.

Senator Marques asked if a second Learning Resource Center was planned for Newark, or if anything was being done to provide more classrooms or instructor access to students, particularly at exam time.

Vice President Seneca thanked Senator Marques for raising an important issue, but deferred to Provost Samuels for a response.

Newark Campus Report:   Provost Samuels presented a synopsis of the Newark Campus Report. (The report had been distributed to Senators in advance, and is attached to the master copy of these minutes as Attachment B.) Senator Samuels responded to Senator Marques’ question regarding Learning Resource Centers. He said that the need for space and service at Newark’s Learning Resource Center is a real one, and that, although there was no more space available in Conklin Hall, he would investigate whether more could be done at exam time to try to respond to the request.

COMMITTEE REPORT:  Equal Opportunity Committee:  Senator Pifer, Chair of the Equal Opportunity Committee, presented his committee’s response to charge S-9702: review the University’s nondiscrimination and harassment policies concerning protection for transgendered persons. He explained that discussions with University Counsel had resulted in a slightly revised resolution. (The revised resolution had been distributed to Senators at the meeting, and is attached to the master copy of these minutes as Attachment C.)

Senator Pifer then presented the following for Senate action:

Students Amber Clayton and Ben Singer spoke in support of the resolution.

The resolution was approved by the Senate without opposition.

Senator Pifer then presented his committee’s response to charge S-9703: review the University’s nondiscrimination, equal employment opportunity and affirmative action policies with special focus on the protected categories and traits, and recommend appropriate changes. He explained that his committee’s approach involved studying the nondiscrimination policies of Rutgers and 20 other state universities. He then presented the results of the study on a spreadsheet. He said that the committee considered three categories where there may be a need for protection from discrimination: weight, creed, and HIV/AIDS status.

Overweight people are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and therefore were deemed not to require separate inclusion in University policy.

In regard to creed, Senator Pifer said he had been informed by University Counsel David Scott that the State of New Jersey considers the legal definition of “creed” to be identical to that of “religion,” which would make the committee’s motion irrelevant to the intended issue. The committee then considered replacing “creed” with “political persuasion or affiliation,” but were told that protection existed for that category in the laws of New Jersey, in the First Amendment to the Constitution, and in the University’s policies on academic freedom.

Senator Pifer then made a motion to send this portion of Charge S-9703 to the Committee on Academic Freedom and Responsibility for further examination. The motion was seconded, and approved by the Senate.

Senator Pifer then presenting his committee’s findings and recommendations regarding protection under the Nondiscrimination Policy for persons with HIV or AIDS. He said that although persons with HIV are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act, and therefore also protected under the current BOG Equal Opportunity Policy, the degree of protection at Rutgers is unclear, particularly regarding confidentiality. He said that the HIV/AIDS Task Force at Rutgers prepared a draft administrative policy which has been in University Counsel’s office since last year without action. Therefore, the Equal Opportunity Committee was requesting the Senate approve a resolution urging the University administration to implement a policy on HIV/AIDS.

The following nonsenators spoke in support of the resolution: Debra Lewis, Rutgers HIV/AIDS Task Force; Deanna Hernandez, Rutgers HIV/AIDS Task Force; Tina Sebebos, RC Student Life Dean, and Rutgers HIV/AIDS Task Force.

Senator Wadia moved to slightly amend the wording of the resolution. Senator Pifer accepted the change on behalf of the Equal Opportunity Committee, and presented the resolution with the following reworded section for Senate action:

The resolution was approved by the Senate.

ADJOURNMENT:  On motion and duly seconded, the meeting was adjourned at 2:35 p.m. by Chairperson Tripolitis.

Kenneth W. Swalagin
Secretary of the University Senate

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