Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE:  May 2, 1997

TIME AND PLACE:  During recess of 1:10 p.m. Annual Meeting, Multipurpose Room, Rutgers Student Center, 126 College Avenue, New Brunswick

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Barone, Beatty, Benson, Bhoj, Boikess, Boylan, Budd, Burstein, Carlson, Carlton, Catlin, Colaizzi, Cooney, Crew, Crozier, Crystal, Davidson, de Boer, DeMicco, E. Dennis, R. Dennis, Dill, Elkouss, Emanetogh, Evans, Flanagan, Foley, Forman, Gaunt, Giunta, Goodman, Grassle, Hall, Harris, Hendricks, Hughes, Hyndman, Idler, Jacobs, Janes, Joel, Keddie, Kirschner, Koehler, Krantz, Krueckeberg, Laskaris, Lawrence, LeFer, Levinson, Lippincott, Magryta, Manhoff, Mastrobuono, Mayer, McCabe, McCloughan, McLoof, Naus, Panayotatos, Pifer, Poole, Puniello, Rabinowitz, Reed, Rodriquez, Rosen, Roth, Rothberg, Salpas, Samuels, Sanchez, Seneca, Sethi, Shafer, Shailor, Shapiro, Sigel, Simmons, Snyder, Somville, St. Peter, Szatrowski, Tangri, Tortajada, Tripolitis, A. Watts, T. Watts, Webb, M. Wilson, R. Wilson, Znayenko

EXCUSED:  Allender, Bagnell, Bathory, Blumenschine, Borisovets, Burton, Clarke, Heumann, Kuhlthau, Li, Logie, Olsson, Rockland, Rotker, Sass, Scott, Tarbell, Venezian, Wadia, Whipple, Wilkinson

ABSENT:  Abrams, Bailey, Baltgian, Barber, Bartels, Bartkowski, Bartov, Baxter, Belton, Berman, Bottega, Braun, Burger, Caprio, Finstein, Frenkel, Gary, Georgiou, Gillio, Gordon, Greven, Griffith, Haidet, Haska, Hernandez, Hlavsa-Suk, Hosford, Ipri, Katz, Kearns, Kenfield, Klein, Kwok, Lattimer, LeBaron, Leontiades, Lesser, Liivak, Marques, Matilsky, McAfee, McCoy, Mehra, Miller, Montville, Mulroy, Nash, Niesz, Okusanya, Pedersen, Perney, Perrino, Pottick, Puccio, Rabin, Scheinbeim, Schmitt, Shavelli, Srinidhi, Taghon, Talabi, Varon, Vasconcelos, Walker, Warschawski, Whiteside, Williams, Winterbauer



PRESIDING OFFICER:  Antonia Tripolitis, Chairperson 

Chairperson Tripolitis called the meeting to order at 2:35 p.m. and declared that there was a quorum.

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY:   Agenda: The Revised Agenda was approved as distributed. Minutes: The minutes of March 14, 1997 were approved as distributed by the Secretary.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT:   President Lawrence reported that Roger Dennis had accepted the position of Camden Provost on a permanent basis; that the search for University Librarian was near completion; and that the searches for a Dean of the Law School-Camden and for Dean of Engineering were continuing.

Concerning the Sexual Harassment Policy and Harassment Complaint Procedure, President Lawrence summarized his April 22 memorandum to the Senate in which he indicated he had agreed with the overwhelming majority of the recommendations made by the Senate at its February 7, 1997 meeting, but had disagreed on the hearing-panel recommendation because it would not provide prompt resolution to complaints of harassment, and because it created a two-tiered system of complaint resolution which would require that the most serious complaints be heard by a panel of faculty and students, which could discourage complainants from pursuing the most serious cases of harassment. President Lawrence commended and thanked the Senate for its work on the issue.

On budget issues, President Lawrence reported on: Senate Appropriations Committee and Assembly Appropriations Committee activities, and efforts to restore salary funding; continuing efforts in support of the Technology Bond Issue, which would support Rutgers' goal to be fully wired for voice, video and data within seven to ten years; support of the TAG Program, and a series of other programs; and efforts to obtain capital funding from the state.

On the Strategic Planning Process, President Lawrence said the committees' hard work had produced many ambitious projects, and that a funding campaign was being prepared which he hoped would be announced during the 1997 calendar year. He stressed the need to find supplemental streams of revenue in a difficult financial environment.

President Lawrence reported on: AAU Graduate Education Committee activities, noting that the first report is complete, and that more activity and debate are expected in the fall, and thanking the faculty for their ideas on the future direction of graduate education and for their work on the draft report; a recent AAU statement supporting diversity in university admissions which appeared in The New York Times, and his ongoing involvement in diversity activities of the AAU; and activities of the Kellogg Commission on the Future of State and Land-Grant Universities, on which he serves.

President Lawrence's closing statements focused on the interdependence of Rutgers as an institution of higher education and the economy and citizens of the State of New Jersey. He said it is important to continue to indicate in a very public way that the Higher Education Commission is firmly committed to serving the broad, diverse, and changing educational needs of New Jersey, and urged careful consideration of the currently proposed refinancing of the pension fund.

REPORT OF THE REPRESENTATIVE TO BOARDS OF GOVERNORS: Senator Sanchez thanked the Senate for the opportunity to serve as Representative to the Board of Governors. He reported on the April 11, 1997 meeting of the Board of Governors, which included approval of a new design for the University seal, establishment of the Masters of Public Policy program at EJBSPPP, establishment of a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies program at UC-Camden, establishment of a Master of Science degree in Chemistry at the Graduate School-Camden, and approval of the bond resolution for the Center of Law and Justice on the Newark Campus.

REPORT OF THE REPRESENTATIVE TO BOARDS OF TRUSTEES:  Senator Mayer reported on the April 17, 1997 Board of Trustees meeting, which was held in Camden, and which included: reports from the various BOT committees; presentation of the Clifford Case Professorship to Ambassador William Hughes; and a presentation by Bill Walker on the University's marketing and communications plan, during which he said that further work on the plan will include collaboration with the Senate's Committee on Rutgers University and the Public.

CAMPUS FACULTY LIAISON:  Senator Sigel reported on the April 18, 1997 meeting of the New Brunswick Faculty Council, which included: an overview by Vice President Seneca on recent actions of the NJ Commission on Higher Education and the Presidents' Council on Higher Education; discussions of library funding and the marketing study; a presentation by Maryann Gaunt on library issues, and a planned summit committee meeting to discuss those issues; a presentation by Jeff Rubin on the upcoming NCAA certification visit to Rutgers; and a presentation by Pat Roos on the Middle States Accreditation process. Senator Sigel, as outgoing chair of the New Brunswick Faculty Council, acknowledged the cooperation of Vice President Seneca and the deans, and thanked the administration and the Faculty Council members.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Vice Chair Szatrowski reported very briefly on the February 21, 1997 meeting of the Executive Committee, saying that the primary actions were to docket the items for the Senate meeting.

COMMITTEE REPORTS ACADEMIC CALENDAR AND COMMENCEMENT COMMITTEE:  Senator Rabinowitz, Chair of the Academic Calendar and Commencement Committee, presented the University Academic Calendar for 1997-98, 1998-99, and 1999-2000. On motion and duly seconded, the University Academic Calendar was accepted by the Senate.

EQUAL OPPORTUNITY COMMITTEE:  Senator Pifer, Chair of the Equal Opportunity Committee, presented the EOC's report, which included: a summary of the year's activities; a response to Charge S-9701, which asked for a review of the Multicultural Blueprint Progress Reports; and comments on the EOC's Interim Report on Rutgers ROTC discrimination against homosexuals, which was in response to Charge S-9504.

The review of the Multicultural Blueprint Progress Reports called for more critical self-analysis, redirection of focus toward quality rather than quantity of multicultural events, expansion of the definition of "diversity," and increased student input in preparation of the reports. Senator Pifer also read a prepared statement from Senator Li suggesting the University needs to seriously consider whether it has fulfilled its obligation to provide students with sound training in multicultural understanding. The Senate then approved the EOC Report's Resolution, as follows: The Rutgers University Senate endorses the report, "A Review of Multicultural Blueprint Progress Reports," prepared by the Equal Opportunity Committee, and advises the administration take the recommendations into account when preparing future reports.

Senator Pifer commented on the EOC's undistributed Interim Report on Rutgers ROTC discrimination against homosexuals, saying that the EOC would produce a final report on the issue in the fall.

COMMITTEE UPDATE - BUDGET COMMITTEE:  Senator Naus, Chair of the Budget Committee, presented his committee's report, which focused on a review of full-time and part-time tuition for undergraduate students, stating that there is a substantial disparity between the $1,563 12-credit tuition paid by a University College student and the $2,014 12-credit tuition paid by students at the other undergraduate colleges. He said the Budget Committee has studied several approaches to increase consistency in tuition at the various undergraduate colleges, and has recommended that any attempt to achieve consistency be phased in over a five-year period to avoid a substantial, sudden increase in University College tuition. It is also recommending that care be taken to review consistency in tuition-related instructional services. Senator Naus pointed out that this study focused entirely on tuition, and did not address fees. He added that the Budget Committee is awaiting more budgetary information before making recommendations regarding tuition increase for the coming year.

NEW BUSINESS:  Past Chairperson Carlson (in place of Immediate Past Chairperson Borisovets, who was unable to attend) presented the following resolution, which was approved by acclamation of the University Senate:

Chairperson Tripolitis thanked the Senate, and expressed her gratitude to Senator Carlson for his service as parliamentarian.

ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business before the University Senate, on motion and duly seconded, the meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m. by Chairperson Tripolitis.

Kenneth W. Swalagin
Secretary of the University Senate

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