Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE:  September 19, 1997

TIME AND PLACE:  1:10 p.m. Multipurpose Room Rutgers Student Center 126 College Avenue New Brunswick

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Aisenbrey, Appleton, Arias, Barone, Benjamin, Berman, Berz, Bhoj, Blair, Boikess, Borisovets, Bottega, Boylan, Bruner, Burton, Calabrese, Carlton, Clayton, Colaizzi, Cooney, Crew, Crozier, Crupi, Davenport, Davidson, Decker, R. Dennis, Dill, DiTomaso, D’Jamoos, Douriet, Drewes, Feighn, Feinman, Flanagan, Foley, Forman, Gaunt, George, Gilchrist, Greven, Hall, Harris, Hosford, Hughes, Hunt, Hyndman, Italiano, Janes, Kaplan, Kaplowitz, Koehler, Krantz, Kubey, Lang, Lattimer, Lawrence, Lees, Lehman, Levinson, Li, Liivak, Magryta, Marlys, McCabe, McCloughan, McLoof, Mulé, Narvarez, Naus, O’Donnell, Panayotatos, Pifer, Puniello, Rabinowitz, Reed, Rosen, Roth, Rotker, Ruvolo, Samuels, Sass, Scott, Seneca, Shapiro, Shappell, Sigel, Simmons, Synder, Solimine, St. Peter, Sugarman, Szatrowski, Tangri, Tao, Tomie, Tortajada, Tripolitis, Vasconcelos, A. Watts, Wilkinson, M.Wilson, R. Wilson, Winterbauer, Znayenko

EXCUSED:  Bagnell, Bathory, Clarke, E. Dennis, Evans, Frenkel, Goodman, Griffith, Haska, Jacobs, Jarvis, Kirschner, Logie, Manhoff, Mayer, Pedersen, Rothberg, Shafer, Shailor, Srinidhi, Van Til, Wadia, T. Watts, Whipple, Young

ABSENT:  Abrams, Bailey, Barber, Bartkowski, Bartov, Beatty, Bell, Belton, Benson, Blumenschine, Burger, Caprio, Carlson, Crystal, Finstein, Fitzgerald, Foster, Gang, Gary, Idler, Jones, Jussim, Kenfield, Kimbrell, Krueckeberg, Laskaris, LeFer, Leontiades, Lesser, McAfee, McCloskey, McCoy, Miller, Pelaez, Perney, Pomper, Poole, Rabin, Rockland, Rodriguez, Scheinbeim, Taghon, Webb, Whiteside, Williams

NON-VOTING MEMBERS ABSENT:  Benevento, Cortese, Salpas

PRESIDING OFFICER:  Louie Crew, Chairperson Chairperson Crew called the meeting to order at 1:15 p.m. and declared that there was a quorum.

CHAIRPERSON'S REPORT:  Chairperson Crew welcomed new and returning Senators. He then reviewed Senate composition based on entitlements, stressed the importance of Senate committee activities, notified the Senate of the availability of the newly revised Handbook and newly created Senate website, and mentioned the voting cards and their intended use. Chairperson Crew asked Senators wishing to bring matters to the attention of the Senate or its committees to submit them in writing to Secretary Swalagin at the Senate office for transmittal to the Executive Committee for its consideration and dispensation. He urged the Senate to follow this established procedure to ensure that their ideas would receive thorough consideration.

Chairperson Crew announced that student Senators would be holding a caucus in the Rutgers Student Center at 7 p.m. the night before each Senate meeting, and introduced student Senators Wendy McLoof and John Ruvolo.

Chairperson Crew said that 82 percent of Senators have e-mail addresses, and urged all Senators to connect to and use e-mail.

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY:  The Agenda was approved as distributed.  The minutes of May 2, 1997 were approved as distributed by the Secretary.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT:  President Lawrence welcomed the Senate to the new academic year. He reiterated Chairperson Crew's encouragement of all Senators to use e-mail.

President Lawrence reported on the University's operating budget, and thanked all those who participated in the process, especially the students who testified and spent time in Trenton. He reported on Strategic Resource and Opportunity Analysis (SROA) funding of over 60 projects for this academic year, the success of the Outstanding Scholars Recruitment Program and its continuing activities, his July trip to southern Africa with Provost Dennis and others to further cooperative relationships there with Rutgers, and the appointment of Michael Carroll as the new Executive Director of the Rutgers University Foundation and Vice President for Development and Alumni Relations. He also commented on media rankings of colleges and universities, and on Rutgers' high placements in this year's rankings in Money magazine and US News and World Report.

President Lawrence announced the following honors and awards: Governor's Awards to Vice President for Research Jim Flanagan, Newark Professor of History Clem Price, retired Director of the Center of Government Services Ernie Reock, and conservationist Edmund Stiles; Association of University Programs in Health Administration's 1997 Health Services Research Prize to Professor of Behavioral Sciences and Director of the Institute for Health, Health Care Policy and Aging Research David Mechanic; and the Peruvian Highest Level of Knight Commander to Associate Professor of Plant Science Carlos Neyra.

President Lawrence invited everyone to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Center for Law and Justice in Newark on October 6, and said there would also be a ceremony for the new Scholarly Communication Center in the Alexander Library on October 17.

Regarding searches, President Lawrence reported that: the search for a Dean of the School of Communication, Information and Library Studies continues; and that there would be deconal searches for the School of Criminal Justice, Faculty of Arts and Sciences-Newark, Camden College of Arts and Sciences, and the Camden Law School. In his closing statements, President Lawrence announced the appointment of a University Student Retention Committee to be led by Susan Forman and Bob Parelius.

Privilege of the floor was then given to Associate Vice President for Administration and Public Safety Leslie Fehrenbach, who introduced Melanie Griffin, the newly appointed University Director of Harassment Compliance. Privilege of the floor was given to Ms. Griffin, who spoke briefly about her activities at Rutgers to date, and her goals at Rutgers.

REPORT OF THE REPRESENTATIVE TO BOARD OF GOVERNORS:  Senator McLoof, Student Representative to the Board of Governors reported on the July 9, 1997 meeting of the Board of Governors, which focused primarily on establishing tuition for the 1997-98 academic year. Senator McLoof thanked all those who helped with the activities in Trenton regarding tuition and state funding.

CAMPUS FACULTY LIAISON:  Senator Blair reported on the Summer 1997 activities of the New Brunswick Faculty Council, which included: reorganizing the relationship which the council previously had with the New Brunswick provost; Middle States Reaccreditation Self-Study documentation preparation; and a discussion the previous week, led by Professor Martin Gliserman of the English Department in New Brunswick, on the subject of teaching, particularly undergraduate teaching. He said that the next meeting of the New Brunswick Faculty Council is scheduled for September 26.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Vice Chair Scott reported on the September 5, 1997 meeting of the Executive Committee, which included: a review of procedures for motions and voting during Executive Committee meetings; a report by Secretary Swalagin on the Senate's revised handbook and new website; Senator Seneca's delivery of the Administrative Report; Senator Blair's report on the New Brunswick Faculty Council's recent activities; discussion of Senator Evans' conflicts with Executive Committee and detenuring-panel hearing responsibilities; approval of a motion to place on the Senate agenda in November an administrative report on the progress and prospects of Affirmative Action at Rutgers; recommission of the academic calendar to the Academic Calendar and Commencement Committee to eliminate the pre-September 1 semester-start date, and to consider adding a longer spring semester reading period; and a motion which resulted in charging the Student Affairs Committee with considering implementation of a phone card as a negative check-off on the term bill.

PRESENTATIONS OF 1997-98 COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSONS:   Presentations of chairs of 1997-98 Senate standing committees were heard, as follows:

NEW BUSINESS:  Senator Ruvolo encouraged participation in the voter registration drive. Chairperson Crew reminded the Senate that the next Senate meeting will be held in Camden, and that the next Executive Committee meeting will be on a Thursday rather than a Friday. Senator Tangri expressed his thanks for the luncheons provided at Senate meetings in Newark and Camden.

ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business before the University Senate, on motion and duly seconded, the meeting was adjourned at 2:30 p.m. by Chairperson Crew.

Kenneth Swalagin
Secretary of the University Senate

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