Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE:  September 25, 1998

TIME AND PLACE:  1:10 p.m. Multipurpose Room Rutgers Student Center 126 College Avenue New Brunswick

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Adamcik, Aisenbrey, Alm, Aprea, Barone, Bell, Berman, Bhandari, Bhoj, Blasi, Borisovets, Boylan, Bruner, Burton, Bushnell, Carey, Carlson, J. Cohen, T. Cohen, Colaizzi, Cornier, Crew, Crozier, Crupi, Curcio, Davis, E. Dennis, R. Dennis, Dickson, Elias, Emanetoglu, Feighn, Flanagan, Foley, Forman, Friedrich, Gardner, Gary, Gilchrist, Goodman, Griffith, Gross, Haidet, Harris, Hartman, Haska, Hess, Hinch, Hogan, Hughes, Janes, Kaplowitz, Kennedy, Kho, Kirschner, Klein, Koehler, Krantz, Kubey, Lattimer, Lawrence, Lesser, Levin, Levinson, Li, Lucas, Mack, Maher, Manganaro, Marsh, Mayer, McCabe, McCloughan, Miller, Molnar, Narvaez, Naus, Oosting, Oppenheim, Padgett, Parikh, Pedersen, Pifer, Pina, Pomper, Puniello, Rabinowitz, Reed, Reisman, Rentezelas, Roth, Ruvolo, Samuels, Savalia, Scheinbeim, Scott, Seneca, Sigel, Singer, Smouse, Snyder, Solomon, Somville, Sondahl, Spencer, Stevens, Stojsin, Sugarman, Szatrowski, Toth, Tripolitis, Vasconcelos, Vodak, Wadia, Walker, T. Watts, Webb, R. Wilson

EXCUSED:  Bagnell, Bronzan, Carlton, Davidson, Diner, Doshna, Hyndman, Jones, Lang, Manhoff, O’Donnell, Perney, Shailor, Tomie, A. Watts, Whipple, Wilkinson, Young, Znayenko

ABSENT:  Advis, Bartkowski, Belton, Blair, Blumenschine, Bottega, Caprio, Di’Tomaso, Drewes, Evans, Finstein, Gang, Gaunt, Hall, Hannum, Jacobs, Jussim, Kenfield, Kimbrell, Laskaris, Lehman, Leontiades, Liivak, Marlys, McCoy, Neisser, Rabin, Rosen, Salerno, Scheuermann, Sifuentes-Jauregui, Simmons, Soyinka, Srinidhi, Williams, M. Wilson, Yates




PRESIDING OFFICER:  Louie Crew, Chairperson

Chairperson Crew called the meeting to order and declared that there was a quorum.

CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT:  Chairperson Crew introduced himself, Parliamentarian Levinson and Secretary Swalagin, and welcomed new and returning Senators.  He summarized some procedural matters, including use of the voting cards, time limits, and the need to restrict discussion to issues currently on the floor.

On general Senate issues, Chairperson Crew said:  that the Senate is an advisory body, not a legislative one; that the Rutgers University Senate is unusual in its composition, which includes faculty, administration, student and alumni constituencies, which may make it more unwieldy than some other senates, but which makes it much more representative of the community; that much of the important work of the Senate takes places in the standing committees, and that any Senator not assigned to a standing committee should contact Secretary Swalagin to arrange a committee assignment; that standing committees should generate ideas and take initiative rather than waiting for charges to be issued; that Senators should find ways to communicate with their constituents; and that Rutgers University will not be as strong as it could be if the Senate does not work well.  He reminded the Senate that Revitalization Committee plans are proceeding, and said that more information on that committee would be forthcoming.

Chairperson Crew then introduced six new deans:  Steven Diner, Faculty of Arts and Sciences-Newark; Rayman Solomon, Law-Camden; Leslie Kennedy, Criminal Justice; Gustav Friedrich, School of Communication, Information and Library Science; Margaret Marsh, Faculty of Arts and Sciences-Camden; and Michael Klein, College of Engineering.  He then introduced Board of Governors Vice Chair Kevin Collins, thanking him for his work with the Boards of Governors and Trustees.

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY:  Agenda:  Secretary Swalagin corrected one agenda item as follows: Academic Calendar and Commencement Committee co-chairs are Senators Pedersen and Roth; Senator Pedersen to present the committee’s report. On motion and duly seconded, the agenda was approved as amended.  Minutes:  On motion and duly seconded, the Minutes of May 1, 1998 were approved as distributed by the Secretary.

REPORT OF THE REPRESENTATIVES TO BOARDS OF GOVERNORS AND TRUSTEES:  Senator Puniello reported on the June 12, 1998 Board of Trustees meeting, which included: election results, particularly of David J. Harris, Jr. as chair of the Board of Trustees; Chairperson Paranicus’ report, including a review of the OSRP; Vice President for Budgeting Nancy Winterbauer’s review of the state budget; Senior Vice President and Treasurer Joseph Whiteside’s Treasurer’s Report, including a summary of the Joint Committee on Investments and Investment Performance meeting; review of the Collins Report of the Advisory committee on Committees of the BOT; receipt of the 1997-98 Multicultural Report; President Lawrence’s report, which included a report on the commission of Higher Education and the Report on Reinventing Undergraduate Education; Vice President for Undergraduate Education Susan Forman’s report on the Rutgers Undergraduate Research Fellows Program; and Trustee Advisory Reports on athletics, Douglass and Livingston Colleges.

Senator Janes reported on the June 10, 1998 Board of Governors meeting, which included:  approval of academic appointments and promotions, awarding of University Professorships to Ronald Clarke and David Hosford, Michael Klein’s introduction as the new dean of the School of Engineering and appointment as a BOG Professor, approval of the Camden Math Department’s reorganization to create a Computer Science Department, establishment of a Masters of Science and Healthcare Management between the Newark Graduate School and the University of Medicine and Dentistry, codification of the role of the Board of Managers of the BOG and its relationship to the NJ Agricultural Experiment Station, approval of new meal plans and housing rates, and slight increases in residence life and Targum fees.

Senator Janes reported on the July 10, 1998 Board of Governors meeting, which included:  welcoming of newly elected Chairperson Richard Levao, discussion of the Middle States Association report and accreditation, selection of Bell Atlantic as the vendor for RUNet 2000, and approval of a $150-per- semester tuition increase.

CAMPUS FACULTY LIAISON:  Senator Manganaro, New Brunswick Faculty Council chairperson, reported on that body’s activities and plans, including: election of a new cabinet and vice chair, Arlene Walker Andrews; and scheduling of meetings to avoid conflicts with Senate and Senate Executive Committee meetings. September 18, 1998 meeting agenda items included: a report from University Vice President for Academic Affairs Joseph Seneca; a presentation by Barry Qualls and Patricia Roos on the Middle States report, which will continue to appear on Faculty Council agendas; a report by Kathy Scott on the upcoming Undergraduate Teaching Conference; an update by Paul Leath on the President’s Faculty Advisory Committee, comprised of representatives from all three campuses, which will meet with President Lawrence on October 9, and solicitation of issues for that body to bring to President Lawrence; and clarification and organization of charges to council committees, as well as issues for future action.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Vice Chair Scott reported on the June 5, 1998 meeting of the 1997-98 Executive Committee meeting, and the September 4, 1998 meeting of the 1998-99 Executive Committee.  The minutes of the June 5 meeting were previously distributed.

REMARKS BY CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF GOVERNORS RICHARD A. LEVAO:  Chairperson Crew introduced, and privilege of the floor was granted to, Richard A. Levao, chair of Rutgers University’s Board of Governors. [Click here to view the full text of Mr. Levao’s comments.]

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT:  Chairperson Crew introduced President Lawrence, who took the lectern.

President Lawrence presented his annual State of the University address.  [Click here to view the full text of the address.]

Senator Pomper asked why $3.5 million had been appropriated by the state had been used for athletic facilities improvements rather than for classroom renovation.  President Lawrence responded that the funds were clearly earmarked by the state for capital funding in athletics, so Rutgers did not have the option of using the money for classroom improvements.  

Senator Aprea asked what President Lawrence was doing to protect the stature of the Newark Law School. President Lawrence responded that, among other things, a $49 million building is being constructed, which required tremendous planning efforts and partnership with the state, and which represents a strong commitment to the Newark Law School.  He also cited the school’s accreditation report, which spoke eloquently of the quality of its faculty and students.  Provost Samuels commented in support of President Lawrence’s response.  

Senators Maher and Flanagan spoke in support of, and expressed gratitude for, Reinvest in Rutgers, fundraising, and other administrative activities.

On motion and duly seconded, the time for questions and answers, which had expired, was extended by five minutes.

Senator Boylan asked if additional funds and other support for graduate students are planned.  President Lawrence replied that this is an important issue on which he has had discussions with Pat Reeling, and that he hopes this will be a priority in bargaining team negotiations.

Senator Singer asked if Rutgers is Year-2000 ready.  At President Lawrence’s request, Senator Haska replied that major computer systems are Year-2000 ready, and the individual departments are now being reviewed for compliance.

Senator Hughes spoke in support of Reinvest in Rutgers, SROA initiatives, and athletic facilities improvement funds.

Senator Bandari asked what is being done to develop research professors’ undergraduate teaching, and what is being done to teach instructors how to use new classroom technology.  President Lawrence said that the graduating senior survey supports the view that students benefit widely from research experience, that RUNet 2000 is progressing, and that programs are underway to provide technological training to faculty and make them comfortable with its use.

Chairperson Crew asked if there was a motion to extend the time for question and answers, which had expired. Hearing none, he asked Senators to stay to maintain the quorum required to conduct Senate business.


Academic Calendar and Commencement Committee:  Co-chairperson Henrik Pedersen presented his committee’s report and the 1999-2000 academic calendar.  He summarized the calendar, noting that: the calendar includes a noncontinuous two-day reading period; the 1999-2000 calendar will serve as the basis for future three-year calendars; that no days had been redesignated at the end of the calendar; that normal exam, grading, and grade reporting periods had been incorporated; and that weekend commencement had been considered but rejected.  Senator Pedersen then moved the calendar for approval.  Noting that a committee report/motion does not require a second, Chairperson Crew opened discussion on the item.

Senator Boylan moved to amend the calendar to designate Wednesday, November 24 as a Monday class day, and make the reading days Monday and Tuesday, December 13 and 14.  The motion was seconded.  Senators Szatrowski and Krantz spoke against the amendment, citing pre-Thanksgiving issues, including residence hall closures.  Committee Co-chairperson Gary Roth noted that the calendar must also coordinate with that of NJIT, and that the proposed amendment would preclude that.  Senator Boylan withdrew his motion for amendment.  The second was withdrawn as well.

Senator Kirschner commented on the complexity of calendar formulation, the need for additional reading time, the working days required for grading between the end of exams and commencement, and particularly the possible negative consequences of extending Senior Week to 12 days.

The question was called, and the motion to adopt the 1999-2000 academic calendar passed.

Equal Opportunity Committee: Committee:  Chairperson Joseph Pifer moved the following resolution for his committee:  

Noting that a committee report motion does not require a second, Chairperson Crew opened discussion on the item.

Senator Elias asked for an explanation of “bona fide same-sex domestic partners.” Senator Pifer that, in order to prevent false claims of domestic partnership to secure benefits improperly, there needs to be a process by which a person can be shown to be a legitimate, or “bona fide,” domestic partner.

The resolution was unanimously approved.

ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business before the University Senate, on motion and duly seconded, the meeting was adjourned at 3:07 p.m. by Chairperson Crew.

Kenneth Swalagin
Secretary of the University Senate