DATE:  October 22, 1999

TIME AND PLACE:  1:10 p.m., Multipurpose Room East 232, Paul Robeson Campus Center, 350 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., Newark Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Augustin, Balikov, Barone, Benovitz, Bhandari, Blasi, Borisovets, Boylan, Bruner, Burton, Charaipotra, Chiaverini, Clinton, Cohen, Colaizzi, Crew, Crozier, Dembowitz, E. Dennis, R. Dennis, Deutsch, Diner, Edini, Elias, Feighn, Felson, Flanagan, Foley, Forman, Friedrich, Gaunt, Goldmark, Golhar, Gross, Hall, Haska, Hinch, Hirsh, T. Jackson, Janes, Jesse, Joseph, Kaplan, Kazam, Kelly, Kennedy, Kirschner, Knee, Koehler, Kuehn, Lawrence, Leath, Leontiades, Lorenzo, Lucas, Manganaro, Manhoff, Maradonna, Markowitz, Marsh, Matsuda, Matusz, McCloughan, McKay, Naus, Parker, Patel, Petronko, Phillips, Pifer, Pina, Prusakowski, Puniello, Rabinowitz, Regulska, Roth, Samuels, Sands, Schaper, Scott, Seneca, Shailor, Simmons, Singer, Smouse, Somville, Spencer, St. John, Sumner, Szatrowski, Tallau, Vodak, Walsh, A. Watts, Znayenko

EXCUSED:  Adamcik, Aisenbrey, Axelrod, Beck, Bell, Blair, Bronzan, Carlson, Carlton, Cheung, Crupi, E. Diamond, Emanetoglu, Gary, Goodman, Griffith, Hamm, Harris, Keating, Krueckeberg, Oren, Rothberg, Ruggiero, Strom, Tomie, Tripolitis, Van Til, Wadia, T. Watts, Wilkinson

ABSENT:  Adelson, Advis, Alm, Baptiste, Bhoj, Boucher, Bushnell, Caprio, Davidson, M. Diamond, Dickson, Engel, Evans, Fechter, Gang, Gilchrist, Haidet, Hartman, Hughes, Hyndman, James, Jones, Jussim, Klein, Lang, Lehman, Li, Mack, Marsh, Massachaele, McCabe, Miller, Morrison, Narvaez, Padgett, Perney, Pomper, Prakash, Scheinbeim, Sermarini, Snyder, Solomon, Tuckman, Turock, Vasconcelos, Vershon, Walker-Anderson, Webb, Winterbauer, Young



PRESIDING OFFICER:   Kathleen Scott, Chairperson

CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT: Chairperson Scott welcomed all present, and thanked the Senators for their involvement with the University Senate. She then introduced herself, Vice Chairperson Rabinowitz, Parliamentarian Cohen, Secretary Swalagin, and Linda Mickelsen of the Senate office. She noted that the Senate consists of faculty, student, alumnus and administrator Senators, making it the unique, "true voice" of the Rutgers community. She thanked her predecessor as chair, Senator Crew, and the members of last year’s Senate Revitalization Committee for their work. She summarized progress on the Senate’s April 1999 resolutions, including: a September 15 meeting of herself and Chairperson Rabinowitz with President Lawrence and Vice President Seneca, which potential issues for Senate exploration were identified, including graduate student training, undergraduate advising, and admissions policies and practices; and regular and ongoing formal meetings with the Senate Executive Committee and President Lawrence and Vice President Seneca incorporated into Executive Committee meetings, at which emerging issues are identified. She concluded by urging all Senators to become involved in Senate revitalization, to participate in committees, and to inform themselves about issues and be prepared to discuss them in committees, caucuses, and at Senate meetings.

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY: Secretary Swalagin introduced himself to the Senate, and thanked President Lawrence for providing the day’s luncheon. He invited Senators to pick up a copy of committee report summaries from the sign-in desk. Agenda: On motion and duly seconded, the agenda was approved as distributed. Minutes: On motion and duly seconded, the Minutes of April 23, 1999 were approved as distributed by the Secretary. Communications: Secretary Swalagin said an online discussion group for the Senate has been created, but technical and access problems are being worked out. He will inform the Senate when the problems are resolved. He noted receipt from President Lawrence of the Report of the President’s Advisory Committee on the ROTC Resolution of the Rutgers University Senate, the Executive Summary of which had been distributed to the Senate with the day’s meeting packet, and of which a more complete version had been posted on the Senate website.

PROVOST’S WELCOME:  Provost Samuels welcomed the Senate to the Newark Campus.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT:  Chairperson Scott introduced President Lawrence, who took the lectern. President Lawrence presented his annual State of the University address.

Senator Markowitz asked how the University is meeting the challenging of maintaining faculty diversity in light of minority faculty retirements. President Lawrence responded that all agree on the importance of diversity, that Reinvest in Rutgers funds are available for hiring even if a line is not, that work is ongoing with legislators to create positions, and that this is an important mission which Rutgers will pursue aggressively.

Senator Markowitz asked about the role and rights of part-time lecturers. President Lawrence responded that part-time lecturers are highly competent and an important part of Rutgers’ history and future. He said this is an issue faced by all of higher education, that some areas of negotiation had just been resolved with faculty, and that negotiation is and must continue to be ongoing.

OLD BUSINESS: Senator Borisovets, Educational Policy Committee chair, moved to take from the table and send back to committees the joint Educational/Athletic Policy Committees’ Resolution on Access to Majors. The motion carried.


Secretary Swalagin had prepared and distributed a summary of standing committee plans and activities compiled from recent committee reports to the Executive Committee and from additional comments solicited from chairs. Each chair was asked if s/he would like to add to or expound on the summary information. Several chairs responded for their committees as follows:

Educational Policy Committee: Chairperson Borisovets reported that subcommittees have been formed to work on several issues, including: Student Evaluations, Graduate Student Training (K. Scott, chair), Advising (G. Roberts, chair). In the spring the committee will focus on Wintersession issues. Meanwhile, the committee will continue to work on pending issues, including use of the TZ grade, and timeliness of curriculum information/catalog copy. She asked for input to herself, other committee members, or the Executive Committee.

Equal Opportunity Committee: Chairperson Pifer thanked President Lawrence and Vice President Seneca for progress on the Asian Cultural Center planning, including budget formulation and director search. On ROTC, he commented that the very welcome, recent policy statement includes some implementation issues on which Senate advice should be sought, and spoke about the issue of defining discrimination. His committee plans to look at minority admissions and related issues.

Planning Committee: Chairperson Crew said that his committee has met and is considering merging with the Educational Policy Committee. Those two committees will meet jointly to review charges and discuss the merger, and asked for input.

Committee on University Governance and Role, Composition and Function of the Senate: Co-Chairperson Cohen reported that the committee had met that morning, plans to meet jointly with the Senate Revitalization Committee, and will consider Senator Simmons’ suggestion that administrator Senators should have voice but no vote in Senate proceedings. Co-Chairperson Scott requested comments or questions to either co-chair, or to Secretary Swalagin.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT: Vice Chair Rabinowitz reported on the September 3, 1999 and October 1, 1999 Executive Committee meetings. The minutes of the September 3 meeting were previously distributed; the minutes of the October 1 Executive Committee meeting will be distributed with the November 19, 1999 Senate meeting packet.


Senator Kuehn reported on the October 8, 1999 Board of Governors meeting, which included: resolution recognizing Rutgers personnel who maintained essential services during the recent storm emergency, appointment of David Williams to the Board of Managers, construction contract award for Busch Dining Hall expansion, granting of an easement to Bell Atlantic on College Avenue Campus, and approval of the University’s working budget for fiscal year 1999-2000.

Senator Parikh reported on the October 21, 1999 Board of Trustees meeting, which included: induction of new members, a memorial minute for Donald M. Dickerson, appointment of Deans Tuckman and Deutsch, a presentation by George Laskaris on OSRP, and a Joint Committee on Investments report.

ADJOURNMENT: There being no further business before the University Senate, Chairperson Scott declared the meeting adjourned at 2:27 p.m.

Kenneth Swalagin
Secretary of the University Senate