Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE:  October 24, 1997

TIME AND PLACE:  1:10 p.m. Multipurpose Room Camden Campus Center 326 Penn Street Camden Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Anderson, Appleton, Berz, Bhoj, Boikess, Borisovets, Bruner, Burton, Calabrese, Caprio, Carlton, Clarke, Colaizzi, Cooney, Crew, E. Dennis, R. Dennis, D'Jamoos, Drewes, Elias, Feinman, Flanagan, Foley, Gaunt, Griffith, Haska, Hosford, Italiano, Jacobs, Kaplan, Kaplowitz, Koehler, Lawrence, Lees, Leontiades, Levinson, Liivak, Manhoff, Marlys, Mayer, McCabe, McCloughan, McLoof, Mulé, Narvarez, Pifer, Puniello, Rabinowitz, Rainey, Ruvolo, Scott, Seneca, Shappell, Sigel, Simmons, Synder, Staton, Sugarman, Tao, Tortajada, Toth, A. Watts, Webb, M. Wilson, R. Wilson, Winterbauer, Znayenko EXCUSED Aisenbrey, Bagnell, Bathory, Bell, Benjamin, Blair, Boylan, Carlson, Crozier, Davidson, Douriet, Evans, Feighn, Finstein, Forman, Frenkel, Gary, Goodman, Harris, Hyndman, Jones, Kirschner, Kubey, Lang, Lattimer, Magryta, Orenstein, Pedersen, Rothberg, Rotker, Samuels, Sass, Shafer,Tangri, Tripolitis, Van Til, T. Watts, Whipple, Wilkinson, Young ABSENT Abrams, Arias, Bailey, Barber, Barone, Bartkowski, Bartov, Beatty, Belton, Benson, Berman, Blumenschine, Bottega, Burger, Clayton, Crupi, Crystal, Davenport, Decker, Dill, DiTomaso, Doshna, Emanetoglu, , Fitzgerald, Gang, George, Gilchrist, Greven, Haidet, Hall, Hughes, Hunt, Idler, Janes, Jarvis, Jussim, Kenfield, Krantz, Krueckeberg, Laskaris, LeBaron Lehman, Lesser, Li, Logie, McAfee, Mccloskey, McCoy, Miller, Molnar, Monaco, Nash, Naus, O'Donnell, Panayotatos, Pelaez, Perney, Pomper, Poole, Rabin, Reed, Rockland, Rodriguez, Rosen, Roth, Scheinbeim, Shailor, Shapiro, Solimine, Srinidhi, St. Peter, Stojsin, Szatrowski, Taghon, Tomie, Vasconcelos, Wadia, Williams



PRESIDING OFFICER:   Louie Crew, Chairperson

Chairperson Crew called the meeting to order at 1:15 p.m.

CHAIRPERSON'S REPORT:  Chairperson Crew welcomed the assembly, and noted that a quorum had not yet been reached.

WELCOMING REMARKS:  Provost Dennis welcomed University Senators to the Camden Campus, and commented on recent and upcoming Camden events.

REPORT OF THE REPRESENTATIVE TO BOARD OF TRUSTEES:  Senator Puniello, Representative to the Board of Trustees, reported on the October 23, 1997 meeting of the Board of Trustees, which included: introduction of new board members; a committee report on athletics initiatives; presentation by Vice President Whiteside of a resolution on certain University bonds; a presentation by Vice President Winterbauer on the enrollment management program; a report by President Lawrence regarding the Scholarly Communications Center dedication, groundbreaking of the Newark Center for Law and Justice, new initiatives in athletics, NASULGC and AAU meetings, and lifelong learning; and a multimedia presentation by Executive Director of Quality and Communication Improvement Brent Rubin on Rutgers QCI progress.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Vice Chair Scott reported on the October 9, 1997 meeting of the Executive Committee, which included: late committee appointments, and the Executive Committee's authorization of future late committee appointments to be made by Secretary Swalagin; Vice President Seneca's delivery of the Administrative Report; Senator Blair's report on the New Brunswick Faculty Council's recent activities; Senator Znayenko's (for Newark Faculty Liaison Asela Laguna Diaz) report on the Newark Faculty Council's recent activities; and Equal Opportunity Committee Chair Pifer's presentation of the joint Equal Opportunity/Student Affairs Committees' Interim Report on Discrimination Against Homosexuals by ROTC, and the Executive Committee's approval of the report's posting on the Senate website for review and comment to the EOC by the Senate and Rutgers community.

ADMINISTRATIVE REPORT:  Chairperson Crew introduced President Lawrence, who took the lectern. President Lawrence presented his annual State of the University address. Click here to view the full text of President Lawrence's State of the University Address.

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY:  A quorum was reached late in the meeting, and the minutes of September 19, 1997 were approved as distributed by the Secretary.

ADJOURNMENT:  There was no old business and no new business. There being no further business before the University Senate, the meeting was adjourned at 1:50 p.m. by Chairperson Crew.

Kenneth W. Swalagin
Secretary of the University Senate

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