Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE:   November 19, 1999

TIME AND PLACE:   1:10 p.m., Multipurpose Room, Rutgers Student Center, 126 College Avenue, College Avenue Campus

MEMBERS PRESENT:   G. Adamcik, J. Adamcik, Aisenbrey, Axelrod, Balikov, Bell, Benovitz, Bhandari, Bhoj, Blair, Blasi, Borisovets, Boucher, Bronzan, Bruner, Carlton, Charaipotra, Cheung, Clinton, J. Cohen, R. Cohen, Colaizzi, Crew, Crozier, Crupi, Davidson, Dembowitz, R. Dennis, E. Diamond, Dickson, Elias, Emanetoglu, Feighn, Flanagan, Foley, Forman, Friedrich, Gaunt, Goldmark, Gross, Haidet, Hamm, Harris, Haska, Hirsh, Hyndman, Janes, Joseph, Kazam, Kelly, Knee, Koehler, Lawrence, Leath, Leontiades, Lorenzo, Manhoff, Maradonna, Markowitz, Marlys, Marsh, Matusz, McCloughan, McKay, Miller, Narvaez, Naus, Parker, Petronko, Phillips, Pifer, Pina, Prusakowski, Puniello, Rabinowitz, Ruggiero, Samuels, Sands, Scott, Seneca, Sermarini, Shailor, Simmons, Singer, Smouse, Spencer, St. John, Sumner, Szatrowski, Tomie, Tripolitis, Vershon, Bodak, Walker-Andrews

EXCUSED:   Boylan, Burton, Carlson, Diner, Evans, Felson, Gary, Goodman, Griffith, James, Jones, Lang, Mack, Oren, Rothberg, Strom, Tallau, Wadia, A. Watts, Wilkinson, Znayenko

ABSENT:   Adelson, Advis, Alm, Augustin, Baptiste, Barone, Beck, Boulding, Bushnell, Caprio, Chiaverini, E. Dennis, Deutsch, M. Diamond, Edini, Engel, Fechter, Gang, Gilchrist, Golhar, Hall, Hartman, Hinch, Hughes, T. Jackson, Jesse, Jussim, Keating, Kennedy, Kirschner, Klein, Krueckeberg, Kuehn, Lehman, Li, Lucas, Manganaro, Massachaele, Matsuda, McCabe, Morrison, Padgett, Patel, Perney, Pomper, Prakash, Regulska, Roth, Schaper, Scheinbeim, Snyder, Solomon, Somville, Tuckman, Turock, Van Til, Vasconcelos, Walsh, T. Watts, Webb, Winterbauer, Young

NON-VOTING MEMBERS PRESENT:   M. Jackson, Parikh, Wright

PRESIDING OFFICER Kathleen Scott, ChairpersonChairperson Scott called the meeting to order and declared that there was a quorum.

CHAIRPERSON’S REPORT: Chairperson Scott pointed out that this would be the last Senate meeting in 1999. She urged all Senators to participate in the activities of the standing committees to which they are assigned. Chairperson Scott then called for a memorial minute of silence for Senator Robert Kaplan, who died November 17.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: Agenda: The agenda was approved as distributed. Minutes: the Minutes of October 22, 1999 were approved as distributed by the Secretary.


President Francis Lawrence introduced the Newark and Camden Campus Reports.

Camden provost Roger Dennis presented a synopsis and update of the Camden Campus Report. (The report had been distributed to the Senate in advance, and is attached to the master copy of these minutes as Attachment A.)

Senator Borisovets asked about the outcomes of last year’s Camden Wintersession. Provost Dennis responded that information so far includes anecdotal reports from professors, and student evaluations. He said no formal research has yet been done, and that all courses are on the books and approved through the regular structure.

Newark Provost Norman Samuels presented a synopsis of the Newark Campus Report. (The report had been distributed to the Senate in advance, and is attached to the master copy of these minutes as Attachment B.)

Senator Markowitz noted that it is sometimes difficult for students to register for courses when they need them, and asked if issues of availability of courses are being addressed in Newark. Provost Samuels responded that they are being addressed.

Senator Elias asked about plans to improve the registration system for Rutgers/NJIT courses. Provost Samuels responded that there are plans to try to expand computer science faculty, courses, and offerings, and to improve coordination between Rutgers and NJIT registrars.

Senator Kelly asked about plans for improving the Rutgers-Newark parking situation. Provost Samuels said that a new parking lot has been purchased, and that, in addition to existing facilities, arrangements have been made for reduced rates at three city-owned lots, and that a shuttle from those lots is being considered. He also noted that each expansion of parking facilities is also offset by an increase in the number of people driving to and parking on campus.


Student Affairs Committee: In response to charge S-9907, Co-Chairperson Bhavik Bhandari read and moved a resolution endorsing the Student Affairs Committee’s report in response to President Lawrence’s request for comment on, and prioritization of the recommendations of the March 1999 Report of the Alcohol Policy Committee. Co-Chairperson David Scott summarized the committee’s consideration of the issues, and its report. The issue was opened to questions and discussion. Senator Markowitz objected to the term "Greek community" as as used to describe the fraternity/sorority community, and suggested it should be taken out of all reports. Chairperson Scott pointed out that the term is not used in the Student Affairs Committee’s report. The committee’s motion requiring no second, voting resulted in unanimous Senate approval of the Student Affairs Committee’s resolution as follows:


WHEREAS, the University Senate was asked by the University Administration to review the March 5, 1999 Report of the Alcohol Policy Committee; and to prioritize implementation of that report’s recommendations; and

WHEREAS, the Senate Student Affairs Committee, responding to Charge S-9907, to conduct this review and prioritization, hereby presents for Senate endorsement its November 1, 1999 report; and

WHEREAS, the Student Affairs Committee believes the Senate should be kept informed of progress in implementing the Alcohol Policy Committee’s recommendations;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the University Senate endorses the Senate Student Affairs Committee’s November 1, 1999 report, including its sequenced prioritization for implementing the Alcohol Policy Committee’s recommendations; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the University Senate requests a report of progress made in implementation of those recommendations by February 2000.

President Lawrence thanked all involved for their work on this issue, particularly the Student Affairs Committee and its chairs, and the Alcohol Policy Committee. He said that he, University Vice President for Academic Affairs Joseph Seneca, and Acting Vice President for Student Affairs Emmet Dennis will begin working on the report’s recommendations.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE REPORT:  Vice Chair Rabinowitz reported on the November 5, 1999 Executive Committee meeting. The minutes of the November 5 meeting will be distributed with the January 28, 2000 Senate meeting packet.

REPORT OF THE REPRESENTATIVES TO BOARDS OF GOVERNORS AND TRUSTEES:  Senator Janes reported on the November 12, 1999 Board of Governors meeting, which included: approval of program discontinuance for the Cook College Bachelor of Science program in Professional-Occupational Education; establishment of the National Center for Neighborhood and Brownfields Redevelopment; approval of improvements to the Frank M. Deiner, Sr. Park on the College Avenue Campus; approval of mid-block crosswalks on Taylor Road and on Bevier Road; a report on RUNet 2000 progress; authorization for transfer of $1.125 million in Higher Education Facilities Trust Fund from the Hill Center Computer Training Lab Project to the Davidson Hall RUNet 2000 Project; reappointment of Deloitte & Touche as external auditors; a report on Y2K compliance; awards to faculty; and a faculty/student presentation on research, tied to publicly important issues.

REPORT OF CAMPUS FACULTY LIAISONS:  Senator Walker-Andrews, chair of the New Brunswick Faculty Council, reported on NBFC activities, including: recommendations on Learning Resource Centers, and the University’s Harassment Policy; and considerations of faculty retirement and promotion.

ADJOURNMENT:  There being no further business before the University Senate, Chairperson Scott declared the meeting adjourned at 2:15 p.m.

Kenneth Swalagin
Secretary of the University Senate