Regular Meeting of the University Senate

DATE: April 23, 1999

TIME AND PLACE:  During recess of 1:10 p.m. 1999-00 Organizational Meeting, Multipurpose Room, Cook Campus Center, Biel Road, New Brunswick

MEMBERS PRESENT: G. D. Adamcik, G. M. Adamcik, Aprea, Bagnell, Bell, Bhandari, Bhoj, Blair, Borisovets, Bronzan, Bruner, Burton, Caprio, Carlson, Carlton, Cohen, Colaizzi, Cornier, Crew, Crozier, Crupi, Curcio, Davidson, E. Dennis, Diner, Emanetoglu, Evans, Flanagan, Forman, Friedrich, Gang, Gaunt, Goodman, Griffith, Gross, Haidet, Harris, Haska, Janes, Kaplowitz, Kho, Kirschner, Koehler, Krantz, Kuehn, Lang, Lawrence, Levinson, Li, Manganaro, Manhoff, McCabe, McCloughan, Miller, Narvaez, Naus, Oosting, Parikh, Pedersen, Pifer, Pina, Pomper, Prakash, Puniello, Rabinowitz, Reed, Ruggiero, Ruvolo, Samuels, Savalia, Scott, Seneca, Shailor, Sigel, Simmons, Singer, Solomon, D. Spencer, Stevens, Sugarman, Szatrowski, Vodak, Wadia, A. Watts, Wilkinson, M. Wilson, R. Wilson, Winterbauer

EXCUSED: Alm, Barone, Boylan, Feighn, Kubey, Mack, Maher, Mayer, Tomie, Tripolitis, Van Til, Whipple, Young, Znayenko

ABSENT: Advis, Aisenbrey, Bartkowski, Belton, Berman, Blasi, Blumenschine, Bottega, Bushnell, Davis, R. Dennis, DeSimone, Dickson, DiTomaso, Doshna, Drewes, Elias, Finstein, Foley, Gardner, Gary, Gilchrist, Hall, Hartman, Hedges, Hinch, Hogan, Hughes, Hyndman, Jacobs, Jones, Jussim, Kenfield, Kennedy, Kimbrell, Klein, Laskaris, Lattimer, Lehman, Leontiades, Lesser, Levin, Liivak, Lucas, Marlys, Marsh, McCoy, McNally, Neisser, O’Donnell, Padgett, Perney, Procter, Rabin, Rentezelas, Rosen, Roth, Scheinbeim, Scheuermann, Sifuentes-Jauregui, Smouse, Snyder, Somville, Sondahl, Soyinka, A. Spencer, Srinidhi, Stojsin, Toth, Tuckman, Vasconcelos, Walker, T. Watts, Webb, Williams, Yates



PRESIDING OFFICER:  Louie Crew, Chairperson

Chairperson Crew called the meeting to order at 2:10 and declared that there was a quorum.

REPORT OF THE SECRETARY: Agenda: The agenda was approved as distributed. Minutes: The March 12, 1999 Senate Minutes were approved. Communications: Secretary Swalagin announced receipt of several letters dated April 9, 1999: three from President Lawrence, acknowledging the Senate’s advice, and extending thanks to the Senate and its committees on the Resolution endorsing the Libraries’ long-range plan, the Resolution in support of increased advertising, and the Resolution to change the parameters of students’ personal information released through the Rutgers University online directory; and one from Mildred Schildkamp, Secretary of the University, acknowledging receipt of, and offering notice when the board of governors reaches a decision on the Resolution in support of adding an alumni representative member to the University Senate Executive Committee. Noted.


Equal Opportunity Committee: Chairperson Pifer summarized his committee’s report and Recommendations on an Asian Cultural Center. He introduced Julia Suh, a nonsenator student, to whom privilege of the floor was granted. Ms. Suh spoke in support of the committee’s report and Resolution. Senators Krantz, Solomon, Kho, Pomper, Diner, Li, and Prakash commented, as did Ms. Valencia, a nonsenator. Time for discussion expired. On motion and duly seconded, the Senate extended the discussion time for ten minutes. Senator Parikh thanked the many nonsenator Asian students who attended the meeting. The Equal Opportunity Committee’s Resolution was approved by the Senate as follows: "Let it be resolved that the Rutgers University Senate endorses the report and recommendations of the Equal Opportunity Committee on ‘An Asian Cultural Center’ and recommends the formation of a center at New Brunswick with a satellite center at Newark."

Educational Policy Committee: Chairperson Borisovets presented her committee’s report and Resolution/Recommendations on Access to Majors.

Senator Parikh moved to divide the Resolution into four parts to be voted upon separately. Senators Szatrowski, Blair and Samuels spoke in opposition to the motion to divide. Senator Parikh spoke in support of his motion. Senator Pomper called the question on the motion to divide. The motion to divide failed.

Senator Bell moved to add selection by lottery to the language of the first Recommendation, as follows: "Where admission to a program must be denied to any student, this should be done by lottery among all applicants in good academic standing." Senators Krantz, Manganaro, Parikh and Kho spoke in opposition to the motion. Senator Pomper spoke in support of the motion. Time for discussion expired. Senator Borisovets asked if the amendment could be added elsewhere than to the first paragraph. Senator Bell modified his motion, detaching the amendment from the first Recommendation, and adding it as a separate clause. The amendment failed.

Senator Parikh moved to extend discussion time by seven minutes. The motion passed.

Senator Szatrowski spoke to the main motion. Senator Diner asked for a motion to table.

Senator Pina moved to limit speakers to one minute each. The motion was seconded and approved.

Senator Samuels moved to table the Educational Policy Committee’s Resolution. The motion to table was seconded and approved.

Academic Calendar and Commencement Committee: Chairperson Pedersen presented the 2000-2003 Academic Calendars. Senator Wadia asked about the inclusion of estimated Summer Session start and end dates. On the committee’s behalf, Senator Pedersen dropped the Summer Session references from the calendar. Senators Cornier and Ruvolo commented on the calendar. The question was called, and the Three-Year (2000-2003) Academic Calendar was approved by the Senate.

Committee on University Governance and Role, Composition and Function of the Senate: Co-Chairperson Reed presented her committee’s revised resolution as follows: "Therefore, Be It Resolved that the Senate asks the Board of Governors to amend the Senate’s enabling regulations to entitle part-time faculty members, including part-time lecturers, to one Senator from each of our three campuses, to be elected in the same manner as at-large Senators are chosen." Senator Wadia’s friendly amendment to change "inched up" to "increased" in the first "Whereas" paragraph was accepted by Senator Reed on behalf of the committee. Senator Manganaro commented on the resolution. Senator Scott’s motion to send the Resolution back to committee to consider and clarify terms and classifications was seconded and approved.

Senate Revitalization Committee: Co-Chairperson Carlson presented his committee’s report and twelve Recommendations for Senate Revitalization, each of which was to be considered and voted upon separately.

Recommendation one was approved by the Senate without discussion, as follows: "The Senate Executive Committee shall meet with the University President and the University Vice President for Academic Affairs at the beginning of each academic year to discuss the administration’s and the Senate’s goals for the year. Chairs and administration liaisons of Senate Committees shall be surveyed in advance of this meeting for their ideas."

Recommendation two was approved by the Senate without discussion, as follows: "The University President and/or the University Vice President for Academic Affairs shall meet periodically with the Senate Chair and Vice Chair to explore informally matters within the purview of the Senate."

Recommendation three was approved by the Senate without discussion, as follows: "The University administration, through the President and the University Vice President for Academic Affairs, as well as through administration liaisons to the Senate’s standing committees, shall keep the Senate informed of major issues and proposals under consideration, and shall seek the Senate’s advice well in advance of their implementation or finalization."

Senator Simmons requested that "and Executive Committee" be added to the language of Recommendation four. Recommendation four was approved by the Senate, as amended, as follows: "A substantive summary of the major actions and reports of Senate and Senate Executive Committee meetings shall be distributed to Senators via e-mail as soon as possible after the meeting. Individual Senators are encouraged to communicate information on Senate actions and proceedings to their constituents, and to invite commentary."

Recommendation five was approved by the Senate without discussion, as follows: "Action items shall appear on Senate meeting agendas before reports (with the exception that the chairperson’s and secretary’s reports, which include convening the meeting, declaration of a quorum, and approval of the day’s agenda, shall of parliamentary necessity be first on the agendas). Non-action reports shall be submitted in writing to the Senate office for distribution to the Senate in advance of the meetings whenever practicable, and any oral summaries of these reports shall be closely time-controlled."

Recommendation six was approved by the Senate without discussion, as follows: "The Administration should work with the Senate to help make the Senate’s activities more visible to the University community."

Recommendation seven was approved by the Senate without discussion, as follows: "Senators who are also Faculty Council members should serve on counterpart committees where possible."

Senator Manhoff requested that "an alumni caucus of all alumni senators" be added to Recommendation eight. Senators Haidet, Parikh, Wadia, Crupi, Blair, Borisovets, and Krantz spoke to the Recommendation. Recommendation eight was approved by the Senate, as amended, as follows: "Accommodations shall be made to enable a faculty caucus of all faculty senators, a student caucus of all student senators, and an alumni caucus of all alumni senators. Each caucus shall determine its own organization and agenda, and shall be able to bring proposals and issues to the Senate through its Executive Committee liaison. The Senate Executive Committee shall designate one of its faculty members as convenor of the faculty caucus, and that person shall ordinarily be the Vice Chair of the Senate. The Senate Executive Committee shall designate one of its student members as convenor of the student caucus, and that person shall ordinarily be the undergraduate student member of the Executive Committee. The Senate Executive Committee shall designate an alumnus Senator as convenor of the alumni caucus, and that person shall ordinarily be the alumnus member of the Executive Committee."

Recommendation nine was approved by the Senate without discussion, as follows: "The Camden Campus faculty should form a broadly representative faculty council, similar to those on the Newark and New Brunswick Campuses, but reflecting the structure and needs of the Camden Campus."

Senator Samuels’ suggestion to drop "and the New Brunswick, Newark and Camden Faculty Councils" from of the language of Recommendation ten was discussed. Time for discussion expired. Senator Ruvolo’s motion to extend discussion time for five minutes was seconded and approved. Senator Pomper moved to substitute "appropriate" for "A single" in Recommendation ten, and that that change be reflected in the rationale as well. The motion carried. Recommendation ten was approved by the Senate, as amended, as follows: "Appropriate office and support staff should serve the Senate (including the faculty and student caucuses), and the New Brunswick, Newark and Camden Faculty Councils. This should include additional support staff and resources to be assigned to and located on all campuses to serve those respective Faculty Councils."

Senator Szatrowski rose to a point of clarification, then moved to table Recommendation eleven. His motion was seconded, and Recommendation eleven was tabled. (This recommendation, as tabled, read: "Faculty Senators will be nominated and elected by each Faculty Council according to its bylaws and according to the representative number and distribution required by Senate regulations. Faculty Senators elected by each Faculty Council may be members of that Faculty Council.")

Recommendation twelve was approved by the Senate without discussion, as follows: "Each year after the first year of implementation of those resolutions adopted from this report, a survey shall be conducted at a spring-semester Senate meeting to measure the degree of satisfaction with Senate operations and Senate-Administration communication."

Senator Crozier’s motion to add Recommendation thirteen was approved, as follows: "The ad hoc Senate Revitalization Committee shall continue its work of considering and recommending ways in which to improve and enhance participation in the University Senate."

QUORUM: Senator Simmons questioned the presence of a quorum. A quorum count revealed that a quorum was not present.

EXPRESSION OF APPRECIATION: Vice Chairperson Scott rose to express appreciation for the dedication and work of 1997-98 and 1998-99 Chairperson Louie Crew, and was joined by the Senate in applauding Chairperson Crew’s service.

ADJOURNMENT: On motion and duly seconded, the meeting was adjourned at 3:45 p.m. by Chairperson Crew.

Kenneth W. Swalagin
Secretary of the University Senate